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This is my proof of concept for a DooM recreation of Super Mario 64, It is an extremely early W.I.P. Enjoy!


If you would like to contribute anything to this WAD please contact me at: Realawesome64@gmail.com



Jump/Crouch/Freelook: yes

Tested with GZDooM


Edited by Awesome64

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Screenshots would be nice.


EDIT: Seems the entirety of the Doom2 IWAD is in this wad. Miiiight wanna do something about that.

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What do you aim to accomplish with this project? Full recreation or just a few select levels? More information is always nice when it comes to unique projects like this.

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I am considering changing the format of this wad to Hexen (for the slopes and 3d floors) Do you think this would be a good idea?


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6 minutes ago, SuperCupcakeTactics said:

I'd say that instead of trying to recreate every level from the game you should instead try recreating only your favorite ones.


A really, really good idea. See how long it takes to make the first level. 


  • The level changes depending on what star is selected - you won't see Koopa the Quick unless you pick the second star!
  • Some maps have multiple ways of entering - with certain effects! For instance, Tiny-Huge island the monsters are either really tiny or really big. Wet-Dry world has an effect on water level.
  • You'll also need to account for switches (e.g: metal mario blocks)
  • Cannons appear in every level - you will have to program those.

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Simply recreating a Mario64 map in Doom would be an incredible feat, even when working with Hexen format or UDMF. I think it would be possible, just very tedious. If you get even one map done reasonably well for this, I'll like it a bunch.


Edit: So I just checked this out, as SteelPH said you should remove any iwad assets from the file internally. That aside, it looks like you've got the beginnings of a decent Bobomb Battlefield remake here. The scale is a little off but of course it's incomplete. Genuinely hoping you continue to work more on this.


Personally I'd like the see the maps simply converted with the Doom enemies/gameplay kept. Recreating the missions for each star and even the hub aspect seems tedious, I'd rather gun through demons and find keys on familiar Mario64 turf, that sounds awesome.

Edited by Doomkid

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I'm honestly a little disappointed by this. It's a cute effort but I feel you'd be MUCH better off seeking model exports and manually building the collision for these models. I quickly got the model into GZDoom for the lobby in Peaches Castle, as seen below. (I am aware the model has a few issues and little gaps/holes. If I were to take this seriously I'd restart and work out what happened in the export process to fix this).



If you are going to undertake this project, I'd consider _not_ doing certain levels. Maps like the 3 bowser levels will not play well or even be playable in doom without a lot of effort.


Lastly, if you're going to stick to doing it with 'proper doom map geometry' as opposed to 3D models, I heavily suggest you make use of slopes and 3D floors. Without these most levels will not work well at all in Doom.


Good luck! :D

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I do intend to add 3d floors in a later version and I have no experience in using 3d models in doom.

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This seems like neat idea, so I took a few minutes to put together a proof of concept for something that could potentially help your workflow and even improve the results.



HERE   is a link to all of the minimaps from SM64DS. What I did was import the Bob-omb Battlefield map into the wad, use it as a flat, scaled the texture and level until I had an accurate scale, traced sectors in gzdoombuilder trying to match the map, and extruded to floors to add height. I also added a few details from memory and reference.


This gave me a pretty accurate if rough version of the level. I feel like this method is easier than importing models yet still produces results with accurate proportions. Hope this helps!

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