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Eric the Sandvich

Improved E1M1

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This Wad is E1M1, but I went in to improve it by editing the geometry, give it lighting, giving it some new textures, adding reverb, all while preserving the vanilla look.




This map is in UDMF format, tested in GZDoom, and requires Ultimate Doom or Doom Registered IWAD.


Below is my crappy collage comparing some parts of my map to the original. Left is my map and right is vice-versa. I would like for feedback for what I can improve- I just got back into mapping- for I deem this a test of sort. I'd prefer you look into the map file itself after you've explored the map.


Edited by Eric the Sandvich

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edit: removed my mean comment because you're an open minded well mannered lad

i love you

Edited by bonnie

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Give it a hell theme, or do all the levels of episode 1 with key removal at each end and a permanent shut door!



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