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Doom builder 2.3 crash/Object error



So i,m having this problem in both Doom builder 2.3 and Doom builder X.
When i try to name a sector to 1 this message comes up, and it basiclly says that the "object reference has not been opposed to an instance of an object"

And i dont understand this at all.


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hi, i'm the dev of doom builder x. i'm sorry, this looks like a bug, i'll try to get to work on fixing it.


i have some questions to help me with that, if you're okay with answering:

what format map are you working on (Doom 2, Boom, Eternity (Doom-UDMF), Zdoom (Doom in Hexen), etc)?

when you say "name" the sector, do you mean tag or something else?

did you only have 1 sector selected or many?

do you do anything else beforehand, or does this just happen every time?

would you be okay with sharing the wad file?

can you share the C:\Users\richardh\AppData\Local\Doom Builder\BuilderX-lastcrash.log file it mentions

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Thank you for responding :)

I was trying to follow this Doom builder tutorial and do exactly like he does in it.
The problem uppears when i try to name an inner square as a sector.

I zipped the log-file so be my guest :)



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ok thanks, the logfile helped me figure out what's happening. it should be fixed in the next version.


before then, as a work-around for you: it should work fine if you go into the regular sectors mode (default hotkey: S) instead of the "make sectors" mode


sorry for any inconvenience

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Here Gonzo83, if this helps:




The tutorial you referenced to was using GZDB but I made this using DBX2 1.3.4 as you did in this case. ~ both however based using UDMX type.

The setting configurations will of course be different in the different editors so keep that in mind..

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