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Weapons in COOP

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Whats up yall,

Im back with what I'm sure is a noob question. Say I wish to play a COOP game over a couple of sessions, starting on the map I left off on previously. Well, how do I also start with all the weapons I should have by that level? Im starting to get into the meaty parts of Doom II, and pistol starts are painful. I see options on TSPG regarding shotgun starts, but not start with all weapons, or enable iddqd cheat. Any advice?


Thanks, yall! Happy fathers day to all fathers out there!


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seeing as there's no hardcoded set of which weapons "should" be available by the start of each level, there's not much you can do about it. there's prooobably some commands out there to just spawn individual weapons if you think you have a good idea of what you should have? technically you could go about this by seeing what levels contain X weapon first. for example, the SSG first shows up on MAP02, the BFG on map07, etc.... 

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Thanks for the suggestion! The idea of seeing which levels contain X weapon is what led me to this issue; for example, playing a level like tricks and traps, or courtyard, or any number of levels later in the game is difficult is you have not played map02 or map07 first. Know what I mean?


Thanks again!


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