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Those "cut" prophecies from the beta weren't cut at all...

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I was browsing the Doom subreddit last night trawling for things of interest and noticed a guy mentioning a talking tree in Kadingir Sanctum. He had a link to an even older reddit thread dating back to November 2016 where it had been decisively figured out that the texts the voice is reading are in fact the four "prophecy" texts that were found back during the beta data mining, the ones that refer to the Doom Slayer's origins, the Crucible being dangerous, the rise of a "dark priest", and the form of the "Dread Widow" - so, all of those are in fact part of the released game's story. You just have to stop and listen to a tree to hear them, quite unexpected...


The original thread was here:


I added the info to the wiki page for Kadingir as a result: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Kadingir_Sanctum#Secret_prophecies

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Looks like my "Samuel becomes IOS by using the Crucible" theory might be viable after all.

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Here's another thought:


These were probably made more obscure because they practically give away the plot of the next game.

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