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Easy way to look through forums for quality of life mods

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Anyone know of what is mentioned in title?


I swear some of the best, absolutely fundamental but utterly simple mods I've come across are buried in places like these forums or the ZDOOM forums like a directional damage indicator, darkdoomz and weapon wheels. The problem is, thus far I have no way to find such gems without just digging through the forums or knowing exactly what I am looking for.


Is there no organized way to find these mods like how mod databases like Moddb or the nexus sites have categories and such? Otherwise, I find that I'm going through total gameplay overhaul mods, many of which I don't want to look through and it would take forever.

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41 minutes ago, m8f said:


I'm aware of that but isn't there an actual tagging or keywording system to threads? Would actually make it easier to know the specific terms to use, such as the ones you used in your example. Besides certain results are still far more expansive than what I was looking for like Dusted Pandemonia or High Noon Drifter - Slightly OP edition, on the first page which makes me think the search might not be as helpful as I would hope.

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That's a shame. Most of the lists are just of famous mods/maps. Nothing like the things I mentioned. They are so minor but add so much, especially when used together.


Why do some authors just upload the file to the forums and nowhere else? I haven't gone to the Doomworld database for anything but maps because I never seem to find anything but maps.

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1 hour ago, DMPhobos said:

also Wads In Progress a site that has mods in a more presentable manner, but sadly not a lot of modders use it.

That's still going?  I thought it died years ago.  I suppose others might have as well, which wouldn't contribute to it being used.  It's not a super helpful site for someone who wants to find finished mods though.


https://www.wad-archive.com/ seems to pick up a lot of stuff that doesn't get sent to idgames, particularly in the arena of ZDoomy stuff, though its search is not always the best either (it seems to return a few too many results than it should, sometimes).

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