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Hello everyone! This is the first map I publicly release.
It's a big single player map with a few custom monsters (can probably be played in co-op but I've not tested it). While being a dark and claustrophobic map (you get some flares and a flashligh), I've tried to combine that with some decent fight zones.


Technical info:

Port: made for GZDoom 3.3.0, will work on Zandronum 3.0. Can probably work on more recent versions of them.

Freelook: yes

Jumping/crouching: yes

Inventory items: yes

Map: MAP01

IWAD: Doom2

Feedback is appreciated!

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zinou5ylkgpndxv/hauntedbase.zip?dl=0




Map: DavidRaven
Playester: ozymandias81
Sprites: 3DRealms, Alando1, Ben2k9, Blue Shadow, Captain Toenail, Chain Mail, DavidRaven, Disguise, Eriance, Ghastly_dragon, Gothic, ID Software, osjclatchford, JoeyTD, MagicWazard, Marty Kirra, MDK, Mike12, Monolith, NMN, Raven Software, Rogue Entertainment, scalliano, Solarsnowfall , The Skulltag Team, Tormentor667, Vader, Velocity, Woolie Wool, Xim, Yuyu3, zrrion the insect
GLDefs: Alando1, Captain Toenail, DavidRaven, Disguise, Dreadopp, Ghastly_dragon, Gothic, Infirnex, Keksdose, MagicWazard, Sandypaper
Sounds: Blizzard Entertainment, DavidRaven, Eriance, freesounds.org, Ghastly_dragon, ID Software, Konami, Midway, Raven Software, Rogue Entertainment, Vader, Valve, Wildweasel
Decorate: Alando1, Ben2k9, Bouncy, Captain Toenail, DavidRaven, Disguise, Eriance, Ghastly_dragon, Gothic, idGamer, ImpHunter, Infirnex, MagicWazard, MDK, scalliano, Solarsnowfall, Tormentor667, Vader, Xim, Yuyu3, zrrion the insect
Textures: Blue Shadow, Ceeb, Digital Dialect, Ion Storm, MagicWazard, Nightmare, NMN, Virtue
Music: toiletrolltube






Edited by DavidRaven

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Usually I am sceptical about WADs that modify the base game that much, but this time I gave it a try, mainly because I have a lot of nostalgic feelings about Doom 3.

The atmosphere is so uniqe and tense that I barely even noticed that I spent more than one hour playing through the map. I played very, very cautiously since it was a blind attempt and I had no idea what are the modified monsters capable of. For the first half of the map I didn't even notice that I have an inventory full of items ready to use :)

And I died a few times, but saved game came to the rescue :)


Some general comments (SPOILER alert):


- Map is indeed big, but it's rather because of the geometry, not the complexity. I didn't feel lost any single time and even managed to find some secrets
- I very much enjoyed the effect of jumping candles with the accompanying laughter, red eyes staring in the dark
- I had some problems crouching into the vents, maybe it's because of GZDoom, maybe it's because it was the first time I used crouch in Doom :)
- Since the map spans across huge area it must have been a pain to detail. I think that's why there are some visually boring, copy&pasted places. For example, the nukage pool that opens down from the vent is just a textured brick with so much wasted potential
- In several places I have been able to cheese the enemies, particularly in the final battle. I just hid behind the translucent wall and lean out to shoot. Maybe it would be more challenging to force the player into the fight. The same happened to the baron-cyber mutant :)
- The custom enemies were great. All of them!


Now, go and make a sequel please :)


Here's the video of me having fun:


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@mgr_inz_rafal: thanks a lot for your feedback! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the map :D

yeah, maybe I should detail a bit more some parts, like that nukage trap, and should have positioned the last monster better (in the last room, maybe)

about the crouching problem, yes, that may be because it was the first time :D

of course, once I've finished my map for the Relax project, I'll start a sequel :D


@pulkmees: if you're talking about the teleporting enemies, no, they're the waiths from doom3 ;)

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From the first minutes I realized that this is not a typical job. Atmosphere here is a special emphasis. I also love Doom 3, and I'm very imbued with this map. The gameplay of most of the map did not seem difficult to me, although I managed several times to die by stupidity. The difficulties arose only closer to the finale, and then they could be avoided. It seems to me here is alot of ammunition, even too much. In the visual plan there is a certain monotony, diluted only by entourage, which sets by the sprite surroundings. Due to the large number of different rooms and ventilation shafts, the map attracts to explore itself. Most valuable in the experience of the gameplay are various unexpected situations, as well as moments denoting the presence of infernal power. This made the strong atmosphere in Doom 3 and works great here.


Doom_Font_Green_Arrow.png First Demo Attempt - GZDoom 3.4.1

In general, keep it up! I see great potential here and I hope to see more your GZDoom maps in a future.


In my collection:


Blue_3-5.png - Visuals (3 / 5)
Blue_3-5.png - Detailing (3 / 5)
Blue_3-5.png - Gameplay (3 / 5)
Blue_5-5.png - Atmosphere (5 / 5)
Orange_3-5.png - Difficulty (3 / 5)


Green_3-5.png - Overall  (3 / 5)

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I really, really really enjoyed this. The atmosphere is amazing, and the goddamn spiders literally made me jump from my seat a couple times. I played on HMP and managed to finish the map without dying, which in part is because of an overabundance of resources, especially ammo.

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@StormCatcher.77: thanks a lot! :)

I've watched the whole demo, it's been very useful to make some small improvements (like the sliding doors after the cyberbaron, I've edited them a bit so the player won't be confused anymore). I'll surely make more stuff :D


@KVELLER: thanks! maybe I put too much ammo, I'll correct this in the next wad :)

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