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PC sounds and HUD for PSX Doom

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Hey everyone! I finally got to finish a project that I started a while ago and had been wanting to do for years. I replaced the sounds from PSX Doom with the original PC ones, gave the status bar a "PC makeover", replaced the font for the original and created a new TITLE image.


Before you ask, yeah, this is for the actual PSX Doom, not the TC (I should have done this for the TC, it would have been A LOT easier), so to play this you'll need a PSX Doom image, a little bit of patience and a recordable CD if you want to play this on the console (and yeah, it does work, at least in mine), otherwise you can just keep the modified image.


Well, unfortunately for all of those things there were limitations, so some sounds had to be shortened to fit, the graphics had to be adapted for the new palettes (the TITLE graphic specially suffered) and the font graphics had to be vertically stretched to fit.


Now, the cool thing about this is that you can choose what you want to change and what you want to keep, so for example if you just want the PC sounds but not the HUD and the TITLE graphic, replace the LCD files but ignore the whole WAD editing part.



  1. Download CDMage (you can Google it or download it from here: https://www.emuparadise.me/links-and-downloads/General_CD_Utils/CDmage_1.02.1_Beta_5/20) and extact it somewhere.
  2. Make a backup of your current PSX Doom image because it will be modified even if you save as another file later on.
  3. Open your PSX Doom image in CDMage (if it's a .cue and .bin image, open the .cue, NOT the .bin one!) and go to Track 01\PSXDOOM\MUSIC, right click on DOOMSFX.LCD and choose Import file... and choose the file I provided. Once you open it, it will tell you the file is smaller and ask you if you want to pad the file with zeros, choose yes.
  4. Repeat the same process for the files in the folders SNDMAPS1, SNDMAPS2 and SNDMAPS3 (MAP01 to MAP60).


At this point the sounds are ready, if you want the graphics (and you can change just STATUS or TITLE as well, it won't cause any problems), keep reading the instructions, otherwise, just save your new image and keep the save options as they are when asked.


  1. Extract the PSXMAP utility somewhere.
  2. Open PSXDOOM.WAD from your PSX Doom image (located in D:\PSXDOOM\ABIN) in Slade3 and look for a lump called TITLE. Insert the TITLE lump provided after it and remove the original.
  3. Do the same for STATUS.
  4. Save this WAD file as PSXDOOMD.WAD in the folder you extracted PSXMAP.
  5. Open Compress.bat and wait for it to compress the WAD file.
  6. Go back to CDMage, there go to Track 01\PSXDOOM\ABIN and import your new PSXDOOM.WAD file in the place of the old one, when asked if you want to pad the file with zeros, choose no. (I guess it won't cause any trouble if you choose yes, but just choose no to be safe because that worked for me)
  7. Save your image, when asked for save options, leave everything as it is.
  8. Play!


Yeah, it's kind of annoying to do it, but I hope the results are worth it.


Further work could be modifying the palettes so the graphics look better (specially the TITLE graphic, I had to use that shade of green because that's the only one that looked OK), but I couldn't figure out what format PLAYPAL is in, figuring a better way to arrange the keycard part of the status bar, as it looks weird with those tiny keys), replacing the CD audio tracks for recordings of Doom music playing through an SC-55 or something like that would be cool as well. One awesome thing would be to replace the Jaguar mapset for the PC one, and it is actually possible, but even more time consuming than this and you would need to completely rebuild the CD LBA to handle bigger map files and modify PSXDOOM.EXE. 


If this gathers enough attention and there is enough demand, I might do Final Doom as well. Although I couldn't replace the graphics since Final Doom uses a different palette and I don't have access to it.


I want to give massive thanks to @Erick194 for his assistance figuring out the audio format (the only thing that kept me from doing this all these years) and for the awesome PSXMAP utility.


Here are a video and some screenshots of the project. Bear in mind that the video was recorded while I was working on this and hadn't done any graphical modifications yet.







Want to play on a stock, unmodded PSX? It's possible! Check the spoiler for instructions.


You need an original copy of Doom for this, of course. This is very similar to the double swap method, but even easier, as we're not executing a different game. Open the lid and put something like tape to hold the lid sensor (depending if you have a FAT or PSone, it's in a different place, in the FAT is in the back, in the PSone is in the front). Turn on your PSX and the game should start loading as normal. Wait until the game starts and you get the "Licensed by..." message before the Williams video, quickly remove your original Doom CD and put the recorded modded one. You should keep your lid open all the time you play. A little annoying, but cool if you don't want to mess with your console. That's exactly what I did when I recorded the video above.


Have fun!


PC SFXs & HUD for PSX Doom.zip

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Did you know about pk_doom_sfx_20120224.wad? It's original, but HD sounds of PC Doom, you can also check the quality.

Also seconded for CDMage, this is old but useful program.

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10 minutes ago, riderr3 said:

Did you know about pk_doom_sfx_20120224.wad? It's original, but HD sounds of PC Doom, you can also check the quality.

Also seconded for CDMage, this is old but useful program.

I know of it, but I was halfway through the whole thing when I remembered it. I wanted to kill myself for a second for not using those samples instead of the original ones, but oh well... I wouldn't go through the process of editing all those LCD files again just for that... It took me a lot of days, I actually had to manually hex edit each one of them.


If someone figures a better way to manipulate the LCD files, I'd gladly do it, but for now, no. And even if you used the better quality samples, you have to downsample them to 11025 Hz, otherwise they would play too slow in-game, PSX Doom is hardcoded to play all the sound effects at that sample rate. You'd get some benefit from having 16-bits samples instead of 8-bits, though.

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