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Final Doom: the Movie? A Quandary

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I realize there have been a few threads about the upcoming Doom movie already, but I wanted to take the discussion a different way. What if Id Software decided to take a Final Doom approach to the movie? Meaning instead of hiring a regular studio to do all the work, they instead turned to short independent films set in the Doom universe, and released it as an anthology?


Whether they would give money to produce these films, or use already existing fan made Doom films (if there are even any) is up to debate.


To me, anthologies are sorely underutilized. Making short stories based on the Doom universe might work out better than making one full story, and the 'mixed bag' approach of different creators telling their own stories can make for more unique viewing experiences.


My question is, would you like a Doom anthology movie made by independent sources? If so, what small time directors/actors/actresses do you feel would work best, and what short stories could they tell?



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Short stories is what SCP Wiki does, so, yeah, I think it'd be a pretty cool idea.

I don't know of very many actors or directors, so I can't say for sure who would be best.

A good story would be using Doom's original backstory leading up to the events in the games, seeing how it all begins, because what little was there was rather interesting (good thing Linguica reminded us me of the proper backstory as written in the manual).

I don't think a feature-length film would be good for such a thing, though, maybe a short film about 30-60 minutes long would suffice. A 90 minute/2 hour feature would drag it out too much, I think.

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Short films like 10 - 30 minutes and jammed them into a 90 minute release? Its worked for horror before. Think Creepshow, but in the Doomiverse during the invasion! Maybe 5 stories and the survivors are all together at the end to see who lives and who dies in the finale.


Someone did 10 minute Mortal Kombat segments / movies a few years ago in hopes to get the film franchise. The director managed to get Jerri Ryan and Michael Jai White for the first episode. The first season went extremely well, it had big stars... and no one cared about or knew there was a second season. They had the luxury of being back stories rather than cohesive things that made up a movie.


Sure, fans can make fan films. I'd watch the Doom ones. Good luck though. Demons + special effects + a world with only one guy. I've written it before, but its another task to make it into something watchable. Even "the best" fan films are still bad when compared to actual film standards.


* edit *

I just remembered Batman: Year One and the second Dead Space movie. Both of those were anthologies of short films from different studios. The Dead Space one felt particularly all over the place in terms of quality. The DVD extras explained they didn't have enough time to have one studio make the film so they went with six or whatever the number was.

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