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AJBSP 1.01 Released

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A new release of AJBSP is now available, version 1.01


AJBSP is a simple nodes builder for modern DOOM source ports, which can build standard DOOM nodes, GL-Nodes, and XNOD format nodes.


Web site: https://gitlab.com/andwj/ajbsp#readme


Binary packages: https://gitlab.com/andwj/ajbsp/tags/v1.01


Thanks once again to Linguica for building the MacOSX binary.


The changes since 0.95 are quite modest, as follows:

  • support -o / --output, for compatibility with existing node builders
  • documentation for building in Windows with CMake and Visual Studio
  • tweaked angles of vanilla segs (use the "true" coordinates)
  • small improvements to the Makefile, e.g. support DESTDIR


I am not planning any additional features for AJBSP, I consider this a stable product now, but I will definitely fix any bugs that may crop up in the future (and consider any feature requests).



Edited by andrewj : fixed the site link

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