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Colored Sectors

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Please explain exactly how to create sectors that are (opened) in that particular color. I believe I need to use a script or something relative to that, but I have not taken the time to fully understand such things. Thank you for your time.


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There is another way. I found it by accident when I converted a standard style Zdoom map using Zwadconv. The original map had coloured lighting created using a linedef and the converted map had it set up this way. I think it is essentially an undocumented feature.

In ZdoomHexen style mode:

Make a line type 190

Tag the line to the sector you want

set the second arg of the line to 1

make the upper texture of the line a number to represent the colour you want the lighting in the sector to be. eg FF0000 would be red light.

Voila, a red sector with no scripting.

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Thank you for your help. It is greatly appreciated. Looking back, I believe the problem was I put parentheses around the OPEN, thus it never worked correctly. Regardless, it should work now.


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