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Green Blood Advance

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Activision opened the official GBA DOOM II site yesterday. There is quite a nice flash intoduction I recommend not to skip. The rest of the site is not really exciting: a couple of pages, a few screenshots with green blood and the usual this-game-will-kick-ass advertisement texts. Anyway, The game is to be released October the 23rd this year so we are still happy, aren't we?

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VolteFace said:

There's an unclosed tag in there that's throwing off the rest of the page.

heh. Should be fixed now.

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heh its not a good day for me so far -
HTTP/1.1 404 Object Not Found

The intro is pretty boring and amateur to be honest. I hope they have a Spiderdemon/Cyberdemon in this one, I really missed them in GBA DOOM #1

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They mentioned something about 17 monsters and 9 weapons. So we can expect all the weapons, and 17 monsters? I'm not gonna go and count the monsters but thats a pretty good number.

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