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Huge Sprite problem (solved)

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I am very tired right now, and in desperate need of help solving this issue with a sprite.


For some reason, the sprites of one monster (called the Wavegunner") appear with their feet above their head, and doubling themselves when they attack (I don't know how else to explain it.)


Another problem is, the sprites are in the alpha stage of the community project 'Verse Hopper, so I don't necessarily want to release the file yet for testing. My hope is that you guys can still figure out by my descriptions what is happening, and help me fix it before I go crazy!


(If worst comes to worst, I can make a truncated version of the alpha, so you don't have to download a whole unfinished megawad of maps alongside the Wavegunner.) Thanks for any and all help :)

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So they're getting tiled?


I don't see what could cause this. My only guesses are faulty drivers or perhaps a collision between sprite names and texture names.


Have you tried with different ports and versions?

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Thanks for the info, Gez.


The problem has been solved. It turns out there was one sprite sheet patch that was misaligned, causing weird overlap. I'm actually glad this problem arose, because in the process of solving it, I was able to tinker with and improve the sprites.



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