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WarThunder: Shadow of Thyrion (Previously TimeChase)

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It has been years since Eidolon's threat to the world of Thyrion was ended by four intrepid heroes who braved
the dangers of the four realms, now a new threat arises...

You are one of three new heroes, chosen by the fearing masses to deal with a neferious cult
that is terrifying the lands.

And so you approach the Gate Between Realms, nexus of the splintered worlds...


//The Specs://

Name: WarThunder : Shadow of Thyrion (previously TimeChase)


Built with Doom Builder and SLADE and Tested with Zandronum

26 Single-Player maps divided into a episode select hub, Four 6 Map "Worlds", each with it's own Bosses and a Final Boss.

3 Classes each with different Starting Equipment and 6 Weapons to collect. (Niles the Rogue, Xavier the Wizard and Cassandra the Cleric)

Features Usable Inventory 

18 fantasy themed enemies to encounter.

No Jumping/Crouching

Probably Medium-High Difficulty due to high damaging enemies.


*GL Rendering not required, but highly recommended

CHANGELOG - V1.1 to V1.2
New Soundrack
Added new Intro and Titlemap
Altered Species of actors


*No longer requires 3D sector rendering.

















Edited by NeptunesTyrant : new version available

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Stick it in a 7Zip and specify you want "extreme" compression. It'll take a couple hours to do, but it should condense your file by about 40+ percent. Also, you should be able to stick it on Google Drive, if you have a Google account.

You should also be able to upload it to MediaFire, assuming you have an account with them.

If all that fails, you can send it to me through email and I'll upload it to my Drive for you (exchange emails through private messages, of course).

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Whoops, I'd made the mistake of MP3s bloating the file size!


Even with them gone and using maximum 7z compression it's still too big...


Please forget this ever happened and Lock/Delete this thread...

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1 hour ago, NeptunesTyrant said:

Whoops, I'd made the mistake of MP3s bloating the file size!


Even with them gone and using maximum 7z compression it's still too big...


Please forget this ever happened and Lock/Delete this thread...

I don't think that's necessary. Upload it to a file sharing service, like Dropbox, Google Drive, mega.nz, fileshare, etc. and then just post the link here.


No need to lock the thread, especially when you have put forward something that looks rather impressive, especially for a first megawad.

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I've set up a MediaFire account and its uploading there now.


This is all a bit new for me I guess. Thanks for the support.


UPDATE: Upload done

Edited by NeptunesTyrant : Update

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I'd like to add my support as well. The screenshots are great looking!

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Okay so after playing this I noticed a few things:

1 - The difficulty in this mod is far too high. Seriously the enemies hit like a tank even when on the easiest difficulty!

2 - Quite a lot of errors popped up in the dev console. You may wanna clean a few things up

3 - Some of the classes feel really pathetically weak compared to others (rogue/archer comes to mind)

4 - Very confusing layouts

5 - Medusa's ability to freeze you on the spot. Nice mechanic. not fun to play against.


But this mod has some upsides:

1 - VERY unique boss battles! Seriously the detail that went in them must have taken at LEAST two months!

2 - Fantastic aesthetic. Really sets the mood well. (the music is a bit odd though. but the chip-tune does keep it in the fantasy side so that's a plus :3)

3 - Most classes have unique weapons (outside of the staff of the necromancer or whatever that scythe thing is on slot 9)

4 - I really loved the designs for the intermission screens. Not sure fully why but the 3D models used in them (eventhough it's just a picture) really looks cool.

5 - Quite a lot of the inventory items have a purpose. None felt like a waste of space and that's a good design


overall I give this a solid 8/10. Great mod but it just needs tweaking.




Also a minor bug:

If you use the "give all" command in Zandronum's dev console you get the plasma rifle after you spend all of your alt-fire ammo in your primary weapon (tested with the witch (3rd class)).

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Sorry I couldn't reply sooner but, y'know, Post Limits...


Thanks for the feedback. I've learned that with this type of modding, balancing is incredibly hard to do right.


I've already started implementing some changes;

-I've cleaned up most of the error messages. It was mostly GLDefs from things I'd cut, but hadn't trawled through the files enough to find.

-I've lowered the damage on most of the enemies. I'm presuming the Salamander, Disciple and Sentinel were the main culprits.

-Salamander's Charge shot and Crimson Order Bloodball no longer seek the Player.

-Medusae can no longer paralyze the Player, I might give them Poison damage or something to compensate.


I'm curious to as which Classes felt weak and why.


The Slot 9 Sickle was a late addition, simply because I wanted every Class to have some melee ability, I may cut it though.


Also, for the record, the Inter screens are just screenshots from HeXen II that I scaled up.


Not entirely sure what to do about the Plasma Rifle thing, as I have absolutely no idea what would cause it.

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You can actually use any weapon from any IWAD if you use the "give all/give everything" cheat, the Hexen weapons in Doom, Heretic weapons in Hexen, Doom weapons in Heretic, etc. That's not really something you can fix, because those are actors defined in the gzdoom.pk3, so that's always going to be a potential issue. Don't worry about it. Just make sure that the KEYCONF has a weapon section that doesn't have the base IWAD weapons written in it.

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Whoops... Found a couple of major oversights on my part.


For starters I'd forgot to make the Hellsmith Boss give the trigger inventory item for the Hub Scripts!


I'd also forgotten to set the Teleport to Map Linedef for the Final Boss portal.


Plus some minor texture errors.



Edited by NeptunesTyrant

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Decided to cut the Fighter and Mage. I felt they overlapped with the Rogue and Wizard too much.


Also currently working on some Minibosses.


Here's World 2's, It's going to be a "Mirror Match" against a clone of your chosen class.


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Ok, first of all, I got this error when trying to launch the mod on GZDoom 3.4.1:

Execution could not continue.

Script error, "tc_v1.wad:DECWBOSS" line 2665:
Script error, "tc_v1.wad:DECWBOSS" line 2665:
Tried to define class 'RedPuff' more than twice in the same file.

I opened the file in SLADE, and you did, in fact, define the exact same actor twice. I deleted one of the definitions and it works perfectly now. I guess Zandronum doesn't care about this, but it doesn't change the fact that you've got an extra actor definition there for no reason, and there are quite a few warnings on startup, too.


The mod itself is pretty fun so far, although there are some problems with weapon balancing, at least with the Cleric (that's the character I've been using): The starting wand is stupidly powerful, and while that isn't inherently bad, it means that there's not that much of a reason to use the rest of the arsenal. The other thing is that the axe is really damn weak, maybe that should've been the starting weapon instead. You also get a lot of ammo for the crossbow, which trivializes a lot of the fights.

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Thanks for the Feedback.


I only just recently became aware of GZDoom's existence, so I hadn't known of that problem. I've now removed the Duplicate Actor definitions.


The problem was an overlap between Realm667 resources.

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