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Dumb/Interesting/Weird Doom Wad Easter Eggs

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So I was working on some pixel art, and was thinking of easter eggs/references people put into their games, was wondering what ones you guys have come across over the years? Could be pictures of the easter egg or not, up to you. I don't have any I am kinda boring

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If we're talking about official maps, id didn't really do much beyond the NIN logo in "Hell Beneath" and Romero's head on a stick in "Icon of Sin."

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2 hours ago, Walter confetti said:

I suppose he's talking of any doom wads, user made and official ones... Right?

Yeah basically, sorry if I didn't word it well enough

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Doomed Space Wars by PCorf has some neat easter eggs. I remember randomly activating a computer console and getting some text about when PCorf started mapping for Doom. There were other consoles next to the one I activated that had additional text, but I don't remember what was written. I think the text further expanded on his mapping history with Doom, if I'm remembering correctly.

It's a really fun space themed WAD and it's quite short.

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