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Aquila Chrysaetos

AC-Special - Released

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Good evening, everyone, it's finally time for me to share the first version of AC-Special. I was going to publicly release it on the first, but that is no longer the case. As it stands, the map is complete, though not to the degree I'd have liked.

I had to cut it short because my dinosaur laptop is being difficult, so I couldn't get very much work done on it lest my laptop die.

Anyway, you may or may not have been following my progress on the Post Your Doom Picture thread, but now it is ready for playtesting.


I tested it in GZDoom 1.8.2, it is on MAP01, Doom II, difficulty settings implemented but I've only tested UV.

Google Drive Link.

Know that to get to the wad proper, you will need a program that can open 7z files. I'd recommend 7Zip.


A few screenshots for you:










There are a couple things I'll iron out in the next release, small missing textures and the like, but nothing terribly noticeable or game-breaking, so I'll procrastinate on that until tomorrow.


And, as always, have fun, and if you have any concerns about this map, bring them to me straight away.


Some things I forgot to bring up:

The single shotgun fires ten "bullets," so it can now kill imps and chaingunners more consistently, but it is more inaccurate.

The SSG does not call A_CloseShotgun, which means you cannot fire the weapon again until the loading animation completely finishes, slowing its rate of fire, and it is also slightly more inaccurate.

The pistol and chaingun are no longer perfectly accurate.

Some areas autosave, I meant for this to be present in many specific areas, but they are not yet in this build. I will place those tomorrow.

You can expect to require 45 minutes to an hour to beat this map on UV, given the time it took me to do it.

Edited by Aquila Chrysaetos

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The screenshots look nice! I especially like the look of the lights in insets in the brick.


Is it ZDoom/GZDoom only? Or did you design it with other ports in mind?

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GZDoom only. ZDoom should work in theory, but this is a GZDoom map.

I'm a GZD mapper, but I have mapped for Boom (citation: MAYhem Orange/Purple, Zekhmet possibly).

Now, I tested it with GZD 1.8.2, which means it should work fine with the later versions, but I'm not completely concrete on that.

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Alright, minor update bump.

Some minor problems I noticed yesterday have been fixed, the lava in some of the Hell areas didn't do damage before, but it does now.

Fixed a border step at the end.

Autosave lines are now used a little more prolifically, but still not very often.

The link's the same as before, but here it is, too.

Updated AC-Special.

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Minor fixes now.

Some of the turreted enemies could've been knocked off their platforms into the lava or nukage or whatever, in some cases preventing a possible UV-max, so I've added block monster lines.


Same link as before, same deal.

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Did you remove sounds from menu, I can't hear it :\

Nice palette and visuals. 

I'm not fan of op plasma chaingunner, it's more annoying than it's counterpart. He just snipes you and you're fried chicken if you have slower reaction. Cacodemon's blood doesn't match palette, it looks a bit inconsistent. 

Anyway, good job on map ;)

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Bumping this with an announcement: today is the last day of playtesting before I release it more properly tomorrow. Any bugs and tweaks should be reported today to make the final version available tomorrow.

Also, a big thanks to @Myst.Haruko for playing and giving me a quick rundown of the things that were wrong with it.

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Recent change of circumstance has caused this to be the final release of AC-Special, but I will still fix bugs and small issues and the like.


Here's a tweet detailing the proper release:

His neice died in a car crash, so I thought it would be better to release it a little earlier to try to cheer him up.

As you may have gleaned from the automap, the rooms are situated in a message reading "A happy birthday to Markiplier," so obviously it was intended to be a birthday gift for his videos helping me through some hard times, but I felt now was a solid chance to return the favor even to the slightest degree.

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