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Locked And Loaded For The Third Time

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Nathan William "Pilottobombadier" Crawford (take a breath here) has updated his DOOM page: Lock and Load 3 Final Weapons release is out. This EDGE 1.24 only weapon only mod features nothing less than 15 weapons. Barbecue fanatics will be pleased to find a flamethrower in the list.

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Bombs out...I AM using 1.24 as well...something is wrong. Nate, look into it damnit!! BTW, Nate, get on AIM more often and IM me at BigBadGangsta150 !

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I only use ICQ, I don't have AIM...anyway, e-mail me with the issue, and I'll see what I can do for you. Everything unzipped and loaded properly for me, so...yeah. Anyway, I'll get an AIM account just for you if I can't figure out the problem. Until then, contact me in ICQ!!

Oy vey.

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