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Dokta Whawee

Edit Intermission Text?


I want to know how to edit the intermission screen text, like at the end of Map06 of Doom2.

So, instead of saying "You have entered deeply into the infested starport..."

it would say something different. Could anyone show me how? Thanks!


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Three ways to do this: DeHackEd, LANGUAGE, and (Z)MAPINFO.

For DeHackEd and LANGUAGE, you need to edit the string C1TEXT if you want to change the text you see before entering MAP07.


So you can write something like:

//DHE and LANGUAGE work similarly
[Strings] //Omit this in LANGUAGE.
[enu default] //Omit this in DEHACKED. This defines the default language as American English.
C1TEXT = "Your MAP07 enter text." //In LANGUAGE, stick semicolons (;) to the ends of these lines.
C2TEXT = "Your MAP12 enter text."
C3TEXT = "Your MAP31 enter text."
C4TEXT = "Your MAP32 enter text."
C5TEXT = "Your MAP21 enter text."
C6TEXT = "Your MAP30 exit text."

In ZMAPINFO, you need to edit the clusters directly and specify an enter text for MAP07.

Like this:

map MAP07 "Dead Simple Redux"
 music = D_SHAWN
 sky1 = SKY1
 cluster = 7

clusterdef 7
 flat = "SLIME16"
 music = D_READ_M
 entertext = "Your MAP07 enter text."

You can combine LANGUAGE and ZMAPINFO if you want, which requires the line "entertext = lookup, "M7TEXT"" or equivalent.

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There have been a number of threads on that topic:



If all you want to do is modify the text that is displayed, then it's probably better to use DEHACKED, as basically all ports support it, so it has the broadest compatibility.

If you also want to change when the text is displayed, then you'll need to use MAPINFO.


Note that if you change LANGUAGE instead, then people playing with a different language than English will still see the original text (as translated in the language they're using) rather than your changed version.

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https://zdoom.org/wiki/MAPINFO for information on what is probably the best way to do it.


You want an Intermission Definition, and you set it as if it were the the next map.  I'll warn you, this is without word-wrap, so you're going to have to play around with placing the '\n' character in there to wrap it manually.  You can also call it in the middle of a map, if you're using a more recent version of GZDoom with ACS, using the StartSlideshow command. (which I don't think is on the wiki, but I know is in there because it was my feature suggestion and I used it)

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