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Doom DC HQ

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Chris Ream pointed us to a new and now official Dreamcast Doom Page. There are lots of good news there for Dreamcast owners including the possibility to play HacX and a DOOM 64 port. Is it me or isn't the front page layout familiar?

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Thankx much for the notice! I'll change the link right away!!

Ya, the page does look stangly familiar doesn't it, strange...

what can I say my HTML sux, and I am short on HTML creativity, besides DOOM World has the perfect lay out, no need for improvent in my opinion. Makes it familiar ground for some of you anyhow. :)

Thankx again DOOM World for making mention of us, we greatly appriciate it!

P.S. I prolly mentioned this in the E-mail, but your Console section is a bit behind, we now have nxDOOM beta 2 RC1, Heretic, Hexen, as well as another DOOM port, all of which is mentioned on the page, linkz and all.

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Over in the DC FPS Forums Black Aura, author of nxDOOM, is asking for reasonable ideas for what to try to add into nxDOOM over the next few months, as most of the people in the forums are not DOOOM editors, you might want to stop by and give him a few ideas as to what you would like to see worked into the engine, but please keep requests idealistic, like don't ask for Quake 3 model support and all that crap, because we both know we ain't ever gonna see it, but if it has to do with scripting, multi-player, BOOM support, ect, then come on over, we could use some good ideas!


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