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GZDoom dynamic lighting


Is there a method other than one sided lines to block the dynamic lights? I was hoping for a linedef. My reason for asking is, I have a door with a light above it. The light comes through the door in such a way that it makes the door appear open when its not.


It would be really nice to be able to flag two-sided lines to block dynamic lights, or even better, be able to toggle that flag with triggers in-game.


Any ideas?

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First, watch this:

Skip to 3:20. This is the light tag feature for doors, originating from Boom.


Now when you link a dynamic light to sector brightness, and the sector brightness is itself linked to how open the door is, that means that you can get a dynamic light which is on when the door is open and off when the door is closed.

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It's not possible yet to dynamically change the shadowmap. It has been suggested, though, but so far not implemented.


A possible workaround, depending on your map layout, could be to give a smaller radius to the outside light, so that it doesn't extend inside, and light the inside with another dynamic light which is linked to sector brightness combined with the Boom lighttag feature to make the sector brighter when the door is open.


Alternatively, you could flank the door with lamps to explain away the light when it's closed.


Also keep in mind that the shadowmap can be disabled entirely for performance reasons, meaning that then even one-sided walls won't block light.

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The intensity of a point light is used as an absolute, independent of the factors around it. Sector based lights are additive to the light around it, so it depends on the brightness of the sector it is placed in. In this way, whereas point lights are absolute, sector lights are variable, based on the sector lighting, if that makes any sense.

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I've found that Spotlights are really good for cheating on stuff like this, especially if you've been specular-mapping textures.


I just pulled a trick in Membrane by putting a spotlight under the door and using ACS to operate the door and the spotlight at once.  I'll probably modify the code at some point to do some fading effects while it's happening, so the light doesn't just click on and off.  You should look into doing something like that.


Edit: Likewise, you can do that with sector lighting.

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