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Hydra.wad (( 2 Short Maps of Varying themes and Difficulty ))

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doom97.png.07e3687a00f42ea4d2bf376b0b013a4c.png doom103.png.a72389c1fe9b7e4ecba2feb69b6805ec.png



2 maps of different themes each with styles and Mid ranged difficulty. Extensive playtesting done by me and some by @bemused


*Maps intented to be played each from pistol start each


*Difficulty settings implemented


* Doom 2 IWAD , Source port tested and recommened is prboom-plus Complevel 9


Download: Hydra.zip



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Played each map from pistol start, UV, on GZDoom 1.8.2.

I have to say that both of these maps remind me of Ribbiks maps, except I can actually do these on UV.

Don't take that the wrong way, I really enjoyed these maps.

The second map was noticeably easier than the first, which forced a few restarts (chaingunner traps).

The first fight in the first map was quite epic, with everything in the room trying to kill you and you've only got a single shotgun and chaingun, beautifully executed.

I didn't like the traps that suddenly surrounded me with chaingunners, but I managed to plow through them anyway.

There were some clever traps (the end of MAP01 with the vile and revs is the one that comes to mind first), so that's cool.

I arguably liked the second map better than the first, because while it was shorter on ammo (particularly early on), it wasn't as brutal with its traps (again, chaingunners).

The visuals were good, especially in MAP02.

I liked the secrets that I found, they really helped in the long run, which is excellent. I'm glad to say I felt rewarded for finding them.

Keep this up. I'd like to see more maps like this.

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I also got some Ribbiks feels, but Map 01 is not really my style at all because of long fights in one area, then more fights in that same area, sudden commandos, sudden arch-viles, so much instapop in general, and punishing secret(s? - I only found one).


I definitely liked Map 02 a lot better because of the sense of progression and exploration it offered. I also felt like I spent less time being locked in somewhere or searching for the next part of the map that had now opened up. 


All that being said, from an impartial standpoint (as if that were possible) these maps looked pretty good and seemed to be done well.

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I played map01. It was a lot of fun!


I had two observations:

1. The secret fight in the curved island to the south. It was incredibly annoying dealing with getting stuck against the impassible lines. I would rather just fall into an inescapable pit on uv and have a tp back up on lower difficulties.


2. This glide is incredibly obvious and easy:



I guess you can also perform a south unguided glide out of the initial area into the room where I took the screenshot above from looking at the screenshot.

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At this point , I am not reallt stoked into releasing these ^2^ maps I made as an official wad . if anybody wants them in their wad or wants to edits or anything , feel free to hit me up I guess...

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Nice challenge maps. I played like a total coward (running away from the monsters whenever possible) so maybe my demos don't look that fun, but I had a good time.


General criticisms:

- the midis are too repetitive?

- not sure what to think about the fights where you have to fight arch-viles with no cover. is it pretty much expected that I'll take some damage in them? well, I somehow survived every time so I guess I can't complain too much.

- metal bars blocking everything seem inelegant to me. I know some people really dislike doors, but doors are a way to separate areas that's actually aesthetically pleasing. maybe use them sometimes?



- I agree the invisible walls in the soulsphere secret area were a real nuisance.

- I don't fully understand the purpose of some block monster lines. Is it somehow bad for monsters to leave the blue key area, for example?

- maybe it would be nice to have some more blue details, the level looks a bit drab.



- I somehow managed to break the bars triggered by the plasmagun. though I got out anyway using a simple glide.

- definitely not enough lighting variation in my opinion.

- the blue armor not being in the center of the sector annoyed me. :D


Anyway, these are minor complaints. If you don't feel like working on these maps anymore, I think it would be still great to release them in some form. You could donate them to the Doomworld Mega projects, for example. It's a shame when Doom maps are simply forgotten. Here are my demos by the way:



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