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Aquila Chrysaetos

HU Redux - A Megawad

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Good afternoon, everyone. Today I present unto thee a megawad currently in construction.

HU Redux, which stands for Hell Unleashed Redux, is to be a megawad for Doom II consisting of four episodes of ten maps each in a Doom 1/Ultimate Doom episodic structure.

And yes, back in 2008 when I began the original HU, I thought Hell Unleashed would be a cool name. I think it's stupid now, but I'm sticking to it, regardless.

This is my own "Doom 1 clone," if you will.


In this wad, there will be four episodes, as I've already stated. The episodes are, from 1 to 4, Phobos Base, Deimos Base, Hell, and Earth.

This is a GZDoom megawad. It will use dynamic lights and 3D floors in tandem with custom monsters, modified weapons, and new and changed items.

This is the official thread for this wad, and when each episode is complete, I will post it here for you guys to take a look at and play around with.

I am open to suggestions, but I'm going to try to keep this similar to the original version except not terrible but with much enhancement.


Something I forgot to state at first because it seemed unnecessary at the time: this wad will require jumping and crouching. It isn't prolific, but it will be required for progression in later maps.


Now you want me to shut up and start showing you screenshots, right?

Here you go. There are more on the Post Your Doom Picture thread.




























HURedux.pk3 - 52 MB file

HURedux folder - Let me know if you can't browse this folder. In here you should find the resource pk3 linked above and a maps folder.



Currently, this wad uses textures from:

Recolored texture pack (tech base).

Noir Pack.

jmickle's compiled resources for MAYhem Orange.

AD_79's compiled resources for MAYhem Purple.

Some additional textures taken from Skillsaw's AA-Tex.wad.

And some textures by Teder and ChaingunnerX.

And some skyboxes from custommapmakers.org.


Custom monsters are from Realm667.

Base monster alternative death animations are from Realm667.

Custom keys are from Realm667.

Custom big font is from Realm667.

Small font is from Darkness Falls.

Weapon sprites are from the original pk_anim wad, but the weapons were coded by me.


Item pickup sounds are from Xaser's Zen Dynamics.

Pistol, chaingun, and shotgunguy attack sounds are from a sound mod for Half Life 2's weapons obtained years ago.

Shotgun sounds are from Half Life 1 High Definition Pack.

SSG firing sound is from Counter-Strike.

Base monster sounds are from Cold as Hell.

Switch and menu sounds are from KDIZD.


These are all where I got the resources from, they may not be their original sources.


Music will be dealt with later. If anyone wants to submit a midi for me to use in this wad, they are welcome to. I've forty slots.


If your resources are listed here and you do not want me to use them, say so and I will remove them.


And that's all, for now, everyone. Let me know what you think.

Edited by Aquila Chrysaetos : Update

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Well, HAK, unlike AC-Special, this is a wad that will require jumping and crouching to play, and I know that you don't do that. Sorry.

I'll specify that in the OP.

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Haha, well, custom monsters, weapons, and items aren't really my thing either. But who knows? Maybe I'll give it a go anyway.

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Update: E1M4 is complete! I haven't actually finished testing it yet, but I've gotten to this room:


This is where the last big fight occurs, and that little structure in the center is the exit.

My laptop doesn't like it when I work, so it cuts itself off after a short time, which is why I technically am not finished yet, because I still have to implement difficulties.

This map is tough. Lot harder than I thought it would be, but that's really mitigated by the door camping that will probably reign supreme here.

The little sewer maze came out a lot more tense than I thought it would, though. It's probably the strongest part.

Anyway, I should start on M5 tomorrow.

Huzzah, E1 is halfway complete.

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Update thing.

The maps shown here, well, suck, so I decided I should reconstruct them.

E1M1 is very nearly complete.


A few images in the spoiler.








I'll update the OP in a day or so with the resource pk3 and this map for difficulty testing.

I'm using ZDoom32 to test it, because the latest version of GZDoom my computer can run can't do some of the things this map does.

GZDoom 3.0+ should run this map fine, but I can't be concrete yet.

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I meant to do this yesterday, but I procrastinated a bit, so here it is today.

HURedux.pk3 - 52 MB file, to let you know.

e1m1.wad - Slot, well, E1M1


The maps will be separate from the resource pk3 until their condition is concrete, for ease of us all.

Quick notes for those interested in playtesting, the difficulties are different, this wad is designed with freelook in mind, but tested without it, and there will be some required jumping, crouching, swimming, and general platforming.


The difficulties are as written below, by me earlier:

18 minutes ago, Aquila Chrysaetos said:

1: I Just Want to Kill

50% damage, 150% armor, 200% ammo, fewer monsters, keys marked on map.


2: Easy [I'm Too Young to Die]

75% damage, 125% armor, 125% ammo, fewer monsters, keys marked on map.


3: Normal [Hey, Not Too Rough]

100% damage, 100% armor, 100% ammo, normal monsters, slight aggressiveness increase


4: Difficult [Hurt Me Plenty]

150% damage, 80% armor, 100% ammo, normal monsters, increased aggressiveness


5: Badass [Ultra-Violence]

200% damage, 50% armor, 100% ammo, 150% monster health, more monsters, high aggressiveness


6: Ultra

300% damage, 50% armor, 200% ammo, 200% monster health, more monsters, -fast, no cheats, no pain/stagger

I've tested this in ZDoom32 2.8.5, which I know works, but will not render the sloped 3D floors at the end (which is a minor issue, anyway, as they're really just cosmetic).

The framerate is rather bumpy for me at 640x480 resolution, but your computers are probably better than mine, so framerate is unlikely to be an issue for most of you.

I'll update the OP with a link to the HURedux folder on drive for easier browsing.

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21 minutes ago, Aquila Chrysaetos said:

6: Ultra

300% damage

I mean, a shotgun blast should be able to kill a man, right?


Seriously, though, looks like quite a significant difference in experience based on skill levels. Should be interesting.

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Ultra isn't really intended to be any kind of balanced, so it has fast monsters in addition to everything else.

I'd recommend giving Normal a shot first, since everything is kind of balanced around it, but it's up to you.

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Played E1M1 on the easy setting, my thoughts:


1. Plenty of weapons, ammo and health but not a lot to kill.

2. The SSG is not required, I didn't even get to use the chaingun.

3. You could easily put more chaff in, few demons to rush the player after getting one of the chainguns for example.


Considering its e1m1, its a nice breeze through. I would definitely add some extra low tier monsters in. I did play on difficult as well and found that interesting, the lost souls in the nukeage would be good on easy I reckon.


The map itself is nice looking, the 3d floors and under water/portal bits work well. The RL secret is pretty sweet btw.


I would recommend spending some time on the opening, that can make or break a map for some people and its worth spending some time on it, considering the buildings interior and how lush it looks, I reckon you could spare a few sectors for the outside. 


Happy to test more, as you have tweaked the settings somewhat (Ultra was bloody ruthless) I think a few maps in the same style is required to get a decent gauge on the difficulty.


Also the black and brown imps in fight, that made my life a lot easier. Good work so far, be interested to see more.

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