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A level for Doom II

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Hi, I have made this map in about a week & would like to share it, this is my first time ever publishing a map & first time creating one in 5 years. I am by no means an amazing mapper nor do I know all the tricks of creating amazing maps but I would like people to play it & let me know if you like it or not.


The map replaces Map 25 for Doom II & does not have any new sounds or music incorporated it is also for single player ONLY, enjoy! :)

(The level might be long and tedious & linear if you don't like those kind of maps then feel free to skip.)


Please note I have only used ZDoom for play testing but the level is intented has limit removing play or atleast no jumping.





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Try to be more creative with monster placement. Just throwing a horde of enemies at the player is not enough to create an engaging battle. You need to carefully consider how people are going to handle them. In most of your fights the monsters are coming from a single direction and pose very little threat as dodging their attacks is pretty trivial. If you look at a good classic map like e4m6, you will see that it has monsters attacking from above, from below, from behind, from far away, unexpectedly appearing behind walls, teleporting in, etc. All that results in a rich and dynamic experience: something I can't say about your level, which mostly consists of slow corridor fights with very little variety. I died to the crushers and to be honest I was a little glad it happened as I was starting to get bored. I liked the design though: it was solid, with some nice lighting contrasts.


Here is a demo recorded in prboom-plus:


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I tuned out at the maze with the surprise crushers and I gave up at that dual arch vile trap and went through the rest with invincibility cheat. It wasn't particularly exciting.

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Is it me or is the level broken? See the video...


I liked the initial prison-like area very much and I'm very curious what is lurking in the next areas...



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I agree with DepravedDiptera, please post some screenshots. Otherwise, these are my thoughts. Overall, not a bad level, from what I saw (I haven't played the level, but I watched mgr_inz_rafal's video). The map had good points, but it could be improved.


I like the detailing and the lighting in the level. They're both well done.


I also like the environment in which you introduce the specters in the initial. They're somewhat difficult to see. However, as memfis said, they basically come at you from the front one at a time. Specters (and demons, in general) work best when they attack en masse and from multiple angles. They are tough enough so that it takes multiple shots to stop one, so if the player has to concentrate one demons in different directions, they are more deadly.


You may want to consider making the hell knight monster closets in the opening area slightly deeper so the player can't see them before charging to the blue door. Even then, there was a fair amount of room to maneuver to avoid they're shots. You could add another hell knight in the opposite direction as those two, so that you would have to do a bit more maneuvering to get all 3 in front of you. Or have the third hell knight appear after you've started fighting the other two (you'd have to finagle how to make that work).


Also, I didn't like the hell knight perched at the top of the lift. It encourages the player to camp at the bottom instead of just going up the lift. The lift appears to be single use, which also means that a player camping at the bottom who triggers the lift basically loses the ability to finish the map without cheating. You could probably put the hell knight out of view of the lift, thus drawing the player up the lift and into its attack. Ultimately, there's still a fair amount of room to maneuver once you get up the lift.

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