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How take HQ gzdoom screenshots?

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Please is there a way how to take hq screenshots in gzdoom? I'm using 1280x800 resolution but screenies are only in 640x480 resolution. I tried to look into settings and then gzdoom.ini files but i found nothing that could be used to change resolution for screenies. I heard that screenies quality in gzdoom depends on aspect ratio, resolution and somehow automaticaly came up with resolution for screenies. Is there a way? 

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Screenshots are in the same resolution as the game. The only screenshots made with lower resolution are those used as thumbnails in savegames.


Are you scaling up the display? It's possible you're playing in 640x480 scaled up to 1280x800. That's the only explanation I can see for what you describe.

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My settings are this: Resolution scale: scaled(nearest)

                              scale factor: 0,50

i change up resolution scale to 1280x800 and the console showing resolution 488x305 and i have bords in left and right on screen but screenies are finally in right resolution(1280x800). However is there a way how to have bordless resolution scale but still  have screenies in hq? i'm using gzdoom 3.4.0

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