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Aquila Chrysaetos

Your Favorite Boss Fights

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Exactly what the title says. What are some of your favorite boss fights in games?

I've played a few games and a lot have some pretty epic fights, so I'll list my favorites by game.


God of War series first.

God of War (2005): the Hydra, Ares

God of War 2: the Colossus of Rhodes, the Sisters of Fate, Zeus

God of War 3: Poseidon, Hades, Heracles/Hercules

God of War Chains of Olympus: Persephone

God of War Ghost of Sparta: Thanatos (ie Death)

God of War Ascension: Aegaeon the Hekatonkheires, the Furies


Now other games

Asura's Wrath: All of them.

Doom (1993): the Cyberdemon, but obviously that's worn out some over the years.

Doom (2016): the Cyberdemon, the Spider Mastermind

Mass Effect 2: the Human-Reaper

ES III Morrowind: Dagoth Ur, Vivec, Almalexia, but these are all after mods that make them epic

ES V Skyrim: Miraak


I'm sure there are some I've missed, but what are some of yours?

Mods can count, for all intents and purposes, and if you like the IoS, then feel free to list it.

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There are a couple of games that have plenty of pretty awesome boss fights I've ever had the pleasure of playing. 

First for me, the Unreal series. I always liked the Skaarj Queen fight in Unreal, felt that it was a perfect boss fight after all of surviving and exploring throughout the whole game. And the ending perfectly cements it. 

Unreal Tournament's final tournament ladder with Xan Kriegor on DM Hyperblast was quite frustrating, but enjoyable. The awesomeness is even better considering that Xan has some of the most badass taunts. 

UT 2003 may have been mediocre, but I felt that the final boss fight with Malcolm in the Egyptian styled maze was pretty badass in itself. Special props for the main theme playing in that arena, as it brings up the mood. 

UT 2004 has a choice of whatever three opponents you'll face against depending on how well you played against the teams. The remixed DM Hyperblast level, along with the orchestral/space music in the background is the defining moment of epicness ever for the series. 


For other games, well, I'm going to be generic here and pick the Cyberdemon from Original Doom. Still adrenaline-inducing while avoiding the Cybie's rockets while you, of course, shoot him until he dies. 

The Icon of Sin was pretty anti-climatic, but his creepy distorted voice, along with the hilarious easter egg that after all this time, it was John Romero sending the legions of hell counts as epic for me. 

Streets of Rage had some awesome mini-bosses throughout each of the games.

Deus Ex had some pretty badass encounters along the way, particularly against Gunther Hermann and Walton Simons. 

Altered Beast had memorable, difficult, but awesome fights with Mythological deities. 


Those are about the most awesome boss fights I have. There may be more, but these stand out as the most memorable.    

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Almost all fights with Orin in Subterranean Animism.




Although, could be biased due to fondness of both cats and infernal thematics.

Edited by Quadrops

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Gotta love them FromSoft Bosses...


But I've got to go with basically every Boss from Metal Gear Rising, all the way from MG RAY to Senator "Nanomachines Son" Armstrong.

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Metal Gear Solid series has a ton of amazing boss fights that have really left a lasting impression on me. Rex & Liquid, Psycho Mantis, Sniper Wolf (and that cutscene...) in MGS 1; The End and The Boss in MGS 3; the finale vs Liquid in MGS 4 etc. So many classics.


Nothing beats Snake vs The Ladder though.



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This man is definitely my favourite, though many would complain about Hiruko Ubusuna being obnoxiously difficult and cheap. I love a good challenge, and he delivers in spades.



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Chakravartin in the Asura's Wrath true ending could be called cheap, because the QTE's to counter him are very short and he takes a lot of punishment and dishes out a lot of damage.

To each his own.

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Playing on the keyboard back in 95, I remember having quite a long cat and mouse duel with him in the Imperial City.BobaFett.png.2754023c35534f9519c472defb002ac5.png

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Dark Souls - Artorias

Bloodborne - Orphan of Kos

Devil May Cry 3 - Vergil (All 3 fights)

Ninja Gaiden Black - Alma (Both fights)

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Senator Armstrong



But the king of bosses has to be Azel from God Hand - 


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All final bosses of megaman zero 1,2,3,4


my boss fights with my own bosses of my wad


the final boss of intrusion 2


and the final boss of chrono trigger :P


but the intrusion 2 is my favorite of all (for the music and the originality :v)



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No mention of Luca Blight makes me sad.


Also fighting the four sinistrals in Lufia I's intro, the final battle against Cackletta in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, the hilarious fights against General Guy and his Shy Guy squads in Paper Mario, and Kefka in FF6

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As much as I do want to say I heavily enjoyed Morrowind's Dagoth Ur, Amalexia and Hircine fights, the enjoyment from the "fights" with them would actually have more to do with the fact that I was more than ready for them and was darting all over the place with 110 acrobatics (thanks Marara) and 100 speed/agility, thus handing them a sword related spanking all over the place rather than actually "fighting" them.


I personally enjoyed the third person shooter MMO Defiance (which relaunches on the 10th of next month btw) despite the fact that most people seemed to hate it. One of my favourite events (specifically an "Arkfall") was the "Dark Matter Monolith" because of the mass carnage and chaos that you got wrapped in during it as people all over would be fighting Dark Matter units and shooting the monolith whilst the monolith would be absolutely bombarding the area with all manners of ordinance sending random guys next to you to orbit. It was God damn glorious to watch and intense to dive into:



Unfortunately I couldn't find a video of it in its full glory, so I found this clip that sums up the experience of the guy next to you though:




As controversial as my opinion on this series is I might as well just say it: Dark Souls 2 is best Souls IMO and this optional fight alone further cements that unbroken belief:





And for an extra mention, as (for lack of a better, more accurate term) fucking shite Destiny was, it still offered one of the most memorable fights I've ever taken part in, there are manny odd mechanics in play this video does not portray (I would know, I was the poor bastard who volunteered as raid leader):





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Okami. Nuff said. 

Amaterasu vs Yami and having to battle all the phases, lose all powers and regain them after a pinch. 

Plus the music.........absolutely beautiful.


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The fight with Yogg Saron in Ulduar in World of Warcraft is probably the most memorable boss for me.  Also most of the bosses in the raids of the Warlords of Draenor expansion.  They all completely blew me away.


The first Metroid Prime game, where you fight Metroid Prime at the end, was very intense and I loved it.  The fight in the third Prime game where you're falling down the tube with Ridley was also really well done.


I loved the designs of the bosses in Splatterhouse 3.  I just wish they were harder so I felt like I fought a boss afterward and not just a tougher standard enemy.  But in particular, the one in David's room.  The way they designed it was wonderfully creepy.


And of course nearly every boss in the Touhou Project series.

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The Souls series does have some pretty cool bosses. I didn't really have the patience to actually get good at the game, so I made it a little after the first boss in Dark Souls 1 before I stopped.

The Okami final boss looked really cool, but there was way too much dialogue for me (I'm impatient with these things), and the last phase of the fight was really underwhelming. I was hoping for something that would last longer and be more interesting after that long beginning fight.

I never played any of the Splatterhouse games, honestly. I didn't even know there was a Splatterhouse 3.

Played Metroid Prime and its sequel, but I never beat either of them.


Here's the Chakravartin fight from Asura's Wrath, for those interested:


I made sure to get a good one.

I haven't played it yet, myself, but I will remedy that soon. The True Ending DLC cost seven dollars, and I already spent fifteen on the game, so it seems fair enough.

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While not particularly outstanding, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the final boss fights for both Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles.


Sonic 2's Death Egg Robot perplexed me as a child to the point where I contrived an alternate, albeit highly inefficient, method for defeat it and believed it was the only way to overcome the boss. I felt like I had achieved true greatness when I finally beat it.


3&K's Doomsday Zone/Boss just takes you by surprise and is all up in your face when you least expect it. The first time I saw it, I had already put the controller on the ground and was celebrating having defeating what I always thought was the "final" boss.


The Barons of Hell in Phobos Anomaly are pretty dope, too.

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I always like fighting giant bosses in 2d games :


The giant from Mr Nutz was very scary but also the most memorable moment in the game.




The giant robot from Megaman IV also scared me for some reasons but has a very epic tune.



What is more badass than killing a fire-breathing giant terminator? The fight is in reality very simple if you know the strategy but it's my favourite boss in contra games. I love every sound effect in this game , it makes the ambience very hostile.






Dark Link , is my favourite midboss in zelda games , even if you can beat it him easily with the biggoron sword if you did the side quest before.



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The Boss, MGS3. (The End and Psycho Mantis come close)




Nemesis, Resident Evil 3




The Master, Fallout




Valus, Shadow of the Colossus




Motherfucking Dracula, Castlevania (A lot of them, I'll just choose Symphony because...)




Among (many) others.

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Seeing the replies now, I really missed a few I love. Nemesis in all forms, whether hes taking a beating with freeze rounds, or you're dodging his left side stopping only to pop him with 2-3 handgun rounds. Contra 3 bosses are really fun too!

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I used to really dig fighting this final boss up until I started to get burned out playing bullet hell games.  I have other boss fights I like, but wanted to share one that I actually had footage of me fighting.  As seen in the video, I'm not too good against him and not all that good at bullet hell games in general, but I played them anyways.



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