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Adding further MAP33 support (Closed)

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I have recently made a pull request on GitHub but I thought to post here to gather some feedback. With the addition of a (dummy) MAP33 that was intended to prevent PrBoom+ from crashing when running freedoom2.wad (and freedm.wad), some minor issues popped up. For ZDoom-based ports, MAP33 is displayed as "Unnamed" as ZDoom would only read HUSTR_1 to HUSTR_32 on Doom 2 IWADs, the exception being the BFG Doom 2 IWAD. The added ZMAPINFO file is to display the proper mapname for MAP33, even if it's just "Empty Facility." MAP33 for FreeDM has also been updated for the same reasons as Freedoom: Phase 2. The ZMAPINFO should be ignored by older ZDoom-based ports such as ZDaemon to avoid any problems.


Both single-player Freedoom and FreeDM IWAD .deh files have been edited to display a mapname for PHUSTR_1, as Chocolate Doom and its derivatives would not read HUSTR_33 but instead go to PHUSTR_1, much like how MAP33: Betray is named as shown in the Chocolate Doom source code. PHUSTR_1 should have no problems being changed when adding a .deh file for a custom mapset.


Pull Request: https://github.com/freedoom/freedoom/pull/535


Edit: Pull request closed, so you can disregard the topic.

Edited by GuyNamedErick : Pull request updated.

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Maybe it would be good to have the "test_levels.wad" in the Map33 slot?

It's a nice map for testing graphics and checking the state of the wad assets. And after all, map33 in Freedoom isn't really reachable in normal gameplay without cheating.

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I only have thought of simply naming MAP33 for source ports, assuming that a real MAP33 would ever come to fruition at some point. Come to think of it, a test level could be alright for Phase 2 as that is a single-player IWAD. With FreeDM, probably not as much since that is deathmatch only despite having the same sprites and other graphics. I think I'll take a look into it, the test_levels.wad file contains multiple levels that do similar graphics testing and what not. Not to mention, the empty rooms are to test the intermission screens.

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Okay I decided to make a stand-alone test_map.wad file to take up the MAP33 slot. I merged MAP01 and MAP02 from test_levels.wad and edited it to be Vanilla-compatible (aside of some tutti-frutti effect that I don't know what to do with really). The MAP01 and MAP02 test_levels.wad are similar enough so I removed some parts that I feel are redundant, like showcasing enemies and what not.


Edit: Updated the map to remove most software renderer exploits and fixed that tutti-frutti effect by replacing it with some other textures. Also added some touches to the test map.


Edit 2: Added more stuff to the test map. Not that it's much other than adding things to do, although I guess a map with something is better than nothing for a MAP33?

Edited by GuyNamedErick : Changed download link.

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