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Inside The Feared Madness (Feedback Appreciated)

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Inside the feared madness


Ports: Gzdoom based port (zdoom not suported)

Tested on: Gzdoom 3.3.2, 3.4.0, Gzdoom 2.1

Recommended: Dynamic lights turned on, lights affects sprites-on

Iwad: Doom 2

Difficulty: Ultra-violence

Difficulty settings: No

Multiplayer placement? No

Build Time: Around 1 month



Hello everyone

This is my first mapping attempt after 16 month of pause and i want to share with you my work. This is 3rd map i ever relleased. Didn't know what i would say about my map so in quick. Is singleplayer wad with one map placed on MAP01 themed to "post scifi base" . I'm bad at rhetoric skills so if you have question just ask me. I would love to have your feedback, i will appreciated that a lot. Have a fun.







Additional credits:


new weapons/monsters: realm667
SKy: unkown-found this on one antarest post about skies
Sky2(red one): mechadon


Changes:1-Sky bug fix.

             2-Metal bars fix (Reported by @StormCatcher.77)


Download Link (1.2):

Click here to download

Edited by Marlamir

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I'm very glad to see new maps for GZDoom! This one left a good impression after playing, due to the variety of locations. Almost every room has its own recognizable style and different color schemes. In addition, almost everywhere player can meet the elements of a microdetail. All this is a signs of excellent skills, considering that the map was made in just a month. The duration is also pleasantly surprising.


The gameplay is not hard at all, but I was died several times. This was mainly due to the reckless use of berserk-pack. In spite of the fact that I played rather sloppy, there were enough health and armor on the map, so that the gameplay did not turn into a cycle of permanent save-loads, which indicates a well thought-out balance.


I love all these features in GZDoom (slopes, dynlights, e.t.c.) and am glad when they are abundantly used. Thanks to use of sector and dynamic lighting, the standard textures look fresh to me.


Lastly, I would like to mention about one bug. These are metal bars with a tag 3. When the player passes over them and provokes their rising, he can fallback behind them and will be locked, without the possibility to pass on without noclip. You can seen this in demo.


Doom_Font_Green_Arrow.png First Demo Attempt - GZDoom 3.4.1


In my collection:


Blue_4-5.png - Visuals (4 / 5)
Blue_4-5.png - Detailing (4 / 5)
Blue_4-5.png - Gameplay (4 / 5)
Blue_4-5.png - Atmosphere (4 / 5)
Orange_3-5.png - Difficulty (3 / 5)


Green_4-5.png - Overall (4 / 5)


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Hello @StormCatcher.77, Thank you kindly soo much for your very awesome feedback. I'm really happy you like the map. Thank you for letting me know about the metal bars bug, i didn't realize player can get in this situation. I will upload new link with fix now. Thank you for demo and playing. Have a nice day :)

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I very much enjoyed this! The detailing is nice without being excessive, the new shotgun sound is punchy, a trip to hell bits were unexpected and fun, new monsters are well used even if I would like to see more of Arachnobaron and not just as a final boss fight.

I would maybe like to see a tiny bit increase in difficulty because it felt a bit too easy even for a first casual playthrough. There's also a bit in a room with slime dumps, where it is possible for a player to fall into a pool and trap themselves. It's absolutely not that important, but just to let you know. Here's a screenshot:




EDIT: I also liked that apart from a nukage, railing, skies and two walls the level is made with stock DOOM II textures.

Edited by Wanderer

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Thank you @Wanderer very much for your feedback. About the difficulty, i still fighting with this and im not able to find some good ballance so i ended up making the map bit easier that op. I know about the "nukage pool trap" you mentioned, but you know whats, player have nothing to do in this pool so he must paid a prize if he jump here :p

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