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Looking for a link to two old Wads...

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 I'm trying to find the most recent versions of two classic wads. I'll accept links (assuming they're not infected) or even suggestions of where I can find such things lost to age and obscurity.


Wad 1 - "DoomCenter". the most recent one I've played has a jail in the police station and turkey puncher in the arcade. With the death of Doomseeker, the most recent version I can find has no jail or working street fighter arcade, MK arcade or even random bosses.


Wad 2 - "ZDoom Wars". I know this was "finished" years and years ago, but some other folks picked up the torch and made a wolfenstein class, duke nukem class, skulltag monsters class and a bunch of others I can't remember. Once again since doomseeker died (And the Zlauncher servers are pretty damn basic) I can't find a version any newer than the initial 5 or 6 classes.


I realize these were not the most highly esteemed mods for doom out there but for me they're everything I love about the modding community over the last decade or two. Any advice, suggestions or links would be most appreciated.

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Oh. Well doomseeker only seems to fetch chocolate doom servers or Zlauncher servers which it says are all incompatible. Perhaps I have a an old version or something. Anyway Thanks for the info.

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On 6/26/2018 at 3:35 PM, Empyre said:

Try the Doomseeker bundled with Zandronum.

Strangely, That's the "outdated" one I got. Had to get the latest version from the developers site.

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In Doomseeker's Help menu, Check for Updates. Also, in Doomseeker's Options menu, select Configure, and you can set up Auto Updates.

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