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Is it allowed to take sprite(s) from someone else wad/mod?

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Hi i'm new in this forum and i want to ask few questions regarding the rule of using someone else work.

So here is my problem, i like the weapon sprites set from Stronghold on Edge of Chaos from realm 667 like the shotgun, plasma rifle, rocket launcher, etc. and i really want to use them for my own mod. Is it allowed? Of course the credit always goes to its creator which i believe Eriance right?

If i need permission from the creator, what is the best way to contact him?

Thx in advance.

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The general rule is that if the readme doesn't explicitly state that it's okay to reuse stuff, then your best bet is to get permission first.


In Stronghold's case, those weapon sprites are originally from an early version of Demon Eclipse and were created by Eriance, who now goes by the name Amuscaria. He's usually pretty liberal with other people using his work, but for complete peace of mind you can usually find him over on the ZDoom forums.


Hope this helps.

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My rule is always ask first if it's not stated outright that you can use something. If you can't get in contact with the person who made it, I like to gauge what it is I want to use, how old it is, and how exclusive it seems to be. Odds are you will be fine using it anyway but it is best to be sure. Also for the love of Phobos please always credit your sources. A simple acknowledgement of credit is usually all you need.

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Thanks for the reply guys, yeah i agree... it is best to get his permission for the peace of mind.  I'll try to contact him right away in Zdoom forum and hope he will give me a permission. :)

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