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The Best Infinite Runner Games

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First: I think that most infinite runner games are a load of crap. The gameplay is often pointless, there is no real objectives and there is no real originality from one to another. They often borrow gameplay and art styles from each other so not a lot of them stand out to me. Some even try to add too much elements and clutter in the game for them to be playable by any means ie one that has Lora Croft in it.


What are your favorite infinite runner games? A few that I have enjoyed include:


Tomb Runner:


Even though this game is very similar to other games in the genera this games art style is rather pleasant. The gameplay elements are not overdone as to make the game unplayable. As you progress your character runs faster making it harder as you go along. There is even a few different characters to unlock.


Robot Unicorn Attack 2:


The cream of the crop when it comes to infinite runners. A while ago I was starting to get better at it and my highest from 1 run was over 120K and I had almost 400k for all 3 wishes. I am not the best at the game, but I am not the worst either. The art style is rather unique in the genera. It is still fun to play though.


Dub Dash:


I can't even play this because it is too hard for me but it is pretty though.

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Super Mario Run, but I guess that's not infinite. Its still head and shoulders above the others.

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Edit: Technically Dub Dash is not an infinite runner game. It might have an endless mode but most levels have an ending. That game is more of a rhythm game like entwined.

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For me, I still rate the stylish simplicity of Canabalt.  It runs on everything (even my C64) and has no micro transactions or forced ads.

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