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Hy, this is my second map ( supposed to be the first one, because I started to make this map first ) ,the first one was very shitty ( The Rooms ). I need a name for the map tough XDD, and some advices of how to improve it :P


  -Name: MAP01 ?
  -Levels: 1
  -Tested on: GZDoom 3.2.3

  -MUST be played in GZDoom
  -It's not necesarry to use: Freelock, jumping, crouching,etc...
  -IWAD: Doom 2
  -Unfortunately no new monsters, textures, or audio's, for now ;(
  -The difficulty is between "Hurt me plenty" and "Ultra Violence"

     -This map is still in development, so don't expect too much ;)

    -Made by Ivan Alexandru.(sry my english)

Edited by Nautkillius

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I haven't had a chance to play the map yet, but what is the compatibility level you're targeting? You tested it with GZDoom, but is it meant to be compatible with one of the other ports (vanilla, Boom, etc.)?


I like the burning patches. I assume you edited the burning barrel sprite to only have the top? It's a nice touch.


I like the buttons on the control consoles (I assume that's what the small raised squares and rectangles are). Another nice touch.


A few issues I have:

  • That's a very tall outdoor area. Just from the screenshot, it looks to be well over 800 units high. I don't see other openings in the walls, so I am curious to know why that room has such a high ceiling.
  • In the corridor where part of the ceiling fell (nice detail), you can see the sky through the hole in the ceiling. But the corridor is right next to the outdoor courtyard with the 800+ unit high walls. So, that seems incongruous.
  • The rock wall with a gate around the courtyard is reasonable, but it looks like your door opens up into the sky. In other words, there's no where for the door to go when it goes up, so it effectively just disappears and looks unrealistic. Either learn to make a swinging door (possible in vanilla), have the floor lower (so it looks like the door is going down into the ground), make a sliding door (possible for UDMF and ZDoom), or take out the gate.
  • The doors are flush with the walls. There's nothing inherently wrong with it, but, personally, I like to have the door in a small inset in the wall, even if the door is the same height as the ceiling.


And I think your English is fine. Perfect? No. But definitely understandable and I don't think you need to apologize for it.

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I played in ZDoom 2.8.1 and PrBoom and noticed a few problems, the screenshots were taken from ZDoom. I noticed a Hall of Mirrors effect on the outside door. The second screenshot shows the barrels appearing instead of the just the flame, in Boom I managed to get stuck on the first set of barrels. The third screenshot shows a misaligned texture near the start.

Besides the graphic issues I mentioned there level has a nice aesthetic. I think the buttons you have on the computer are a nice touch. Gameplay wise the chaingunner placement could be better likewise with the zombiemen and shotgunners in the room preceding the yellow key room. I notice you're trying to show them using the computers which I can appreciate, however since they're all lined up it just makes it too easy to mow them down.

I also recommend looking at:


 The former is required if you want to upload to idgames while the latter helps people know what your map is like. Last bit of advice is I recommend naming your level something other than Map01, it will help make your map stand out amongst the others. Overall you got a good base and would like to see where you go from here.




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12 hours ago, Nautkillius said:

I should have said that you must play the wad in gzdoom XD

Good to know.


You should revise your post up top to reflect that so people coming to the thread for the first time will be able to tell instantly that the level requires GZDoom.

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Below is my second run. First time I was killed by this a little bit unfair chaingunner trap :)


There is this already mentioned obvious error when opening doors disappear into thin air. Also some doortracks aren't unpegged. But these are just technical issues. What is more important is that the map is, well, boring. The single, very detailed computer console seems to have more sectors that the entire map. I don't know... I got the impression that you only had enough will to detail the starting area and later it's just plain rooms. I also didn't like the invisible wall located outdoors.


BTW: GZDoom dumps some diagnostic messages to the console, please verify if all sectors are closed, etc.



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