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Doom 64 lighting and gzdoom?

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So i tried the doom64 lighting effect in udmf format but when i test how it looks in gzdoom it didn't look right. I dont know if i again forget something to turn on/off or is this feature for gzdoom64 only?

251169269_MAP01(editarea)at2018_06.2812-49-24.110R3031.jpg.5f6b1826271f2a1fe38ef99775270c3f.jpg Editor

Screenshot_Doom_20180628_124935.png.dd6c089aa18dccba2271602def377687.png Gzdoom 3.4.0

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Looks like you may have set a color in global sector colors. From what I remember in my limited time messing with these colors, combining global colors with the Doom 64 like colors can cause a mix up of colors, but I may be wrong. If that's not it then I'd guess a graphics driver fault or something unrelated to GZDoom.

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It looks like you have old graphics hardware. Like glowing flats, the gradient effect only works on hardware that supports OpenGL 3.x and can use shaders.

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