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gz doom how to load .deh files

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trying to play aliens TC on most recent version of gz doom .deh files wont load is there a way to have it play with .deh files? unless aliens TC should look like this


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I'm not a fan of finding only "nvm fixed it" when I'm searching for answers on the Internet on technical questions, so I'll answer the question anyway - in case this somehow shows up in a search result of its own and would otherwise leave the searcher confused:


You drag the DEH file onto gzdoom.exe at the same time you drag the WAD file.


That's it. That's all you have to do.


Heck, you might not even have to do that much with more-recent WADs too, since they likely include the DEH file as an internal lump (usually "DEHACKED"), which is automatically loaded by most source ports.

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No I did that I just got a version of the aliens tc that supports g/zdoom  be fore that the original version even draged on the gzdoom application with the was did not work so I made the post the looked on doom wiki on aliens tc and got the unofficial g/zdoom version and it worked

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