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The King of IronCamel Doom Tournament #2

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Here are two of my three attempts, Camel.

I thought I recorded the first attempt, but apparently I didn't.

H2H-XMAS-2-AC - Died on MAP02 to the first fatso.

H2H-XMAS-3-AC - Died on MAP07 to a rev after I rocketed myself with autoaim trying to kill a spectre.

Recorded in Crispy Doom 5.2, skill 4.

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I look forward to embracing Christmas in July! (and hopefully not dying to some teleport bullshit)

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Died on map 2 to 'that trap'. HO HO HO, merry July-mas! Maybe next time DyingCamel will pick something without bullshit teleporters OR maps with hard-without-foresight traps in their opening exchanges.


I bet he picks something involving Ribbiks next month....

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For the record, I remember playing this quite a lot on ZDaemon (and with Simpsons Doom in SP), so I knew how to survive the MAP02 trap. Sadly, I didn't remember anything after MAP05, so I snuffed it in MAP07 due to a dickish trap involving two barons suddenly appearing behind my back.

Also, maybe you could also add unofficial demo entries on the board, but maybe with a different colour, or on a separate board.


Also two times in a row I die on the seventh map.



Edited by NaZa

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dead on map31 after 2:24:14 (familiar/unrehearsed)


MAP01  EXIT    19/35  16   0/30  0/1   1:58+00     1:58
MAP02  EXIT    76/77   5    2/3  1/1   7:05+14     9:03
MAP03  EXIT    34/63  29  45/48  0/2   4:38+23    13:41
MAP04  EXIT    66/68   2    1/1  1/1   4:01+29    17:42
MAP05  EXIT  145/145   0    1/2  1/3  10:23+17    28:05
MAP06  EXIT    66/66   0  17/17  1/1   6:05+10    34:10
MAP07  EXIT  157/157   0  35/37  0/1  12:20+17    46:30
MAP08  EXIT    32/37   6  15/15  0/0   4:07+27    50:37
MAP09  EXIT   99/105   6  11/12  2/2   8:17+27    58:54
MAP10  EXIT  102/105   7  34/34  1/1   8:40+28  1:07:34
MAP11  EXIT    36/36   0  23/23  0/0   7:37+06  1:15:11
MAP12  EXIT  285/285   0  69/77  6/6  27:09+24  1:42:20
MAP13  EXIT    66/66   0  11/28  5/5   3:41+18  1:46:01
MAP14  EXIT  234/223   0  68/70  5/5  26:11+17  2:12:12
MAP15  EXIT  183/183   0  67/83  4/4  12:02+09  2:24:14
MAP31  DEAD    28/36  10    1/3  0/0   1:51+13  2:24:14

I feel somewhat cheated. I wasn't even supposed to be on map31 but map15 has the normal and secret exits the wrong way round. That said as I tried to escape into the hut to hide from the 4 archviles just released, it turned out there were more chaingunners in there than I remembered, and I was not able to defeat enough of them before my health ran out.


That said I came very close to death on map08 from an archvile attack (unexpected due to no visible flame), and several near misses on map12 including being hit by 2 revenant missiles while waiting for a door to open, health dropping from 116 to 46 to 6.


This recording is unrehearsed. Previous experience was UV-maxing every map as a kind of advent calendar on /vr/ in Dec. 2015. So I had a vague but not detailed memory to go by.


Before recording I removed DSNOWAY/DSPLDETH/DSPDIEHI sound effect lumps from the wad, as they are very annoying.



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