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Doom Builder 2 custom textures


I want to add custom textures into my wad without replacing vanilla ones. In Doom Builder 2, there's a Resource menu that allows you to import textures for easy use and I added a wad. Does that texture pack come included with my wad file when others download it or do I need to manually put it in with SLADE?



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You should be editing your WAD file with SLADE, so that everything is packaged together.  Otherwise, you will have to package the other WAD with it.


What version are you mapping for?  If you're going for a more modern port like ZDoom or Eternity, you might want to go with PK3 instead of WAD, as it's easier to manage.

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If you're mapping for limit-removing or Boom, though, you'll have to fight with the incredibly unfriendly PNAMES and TEXTURE1 lumps in your resource wad.

Here's a nice little tutorial on how to do import textures in SLADE if those two lumps are already defined for you: SLADE Tutorial.

SLADE can also create these definitions for you, fortunately, as detailed on that page.

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