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Dokta Whawee

No Rest for the Living Mapinfo and edit?


I recently got Doom 3 BFG Edition on steam, and while I already had Doom 1, 2, and Final Doom, I mainly got the game for the special unique add-on, No Rest for the Living. I was wondering, however: is there a Mapinfo for No rest for the living?

And also, how can I edit the mapinfo so that, instead of being able to choose between two different episodes (Hell on earth and No rest for the living), it will only play NRFTL?

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The MAPINFO lump for No Rest for the Living is provided for you in the zdoom/gzdoom.pk3, along with the MAPINFO lumps for all the other games.

Seen here:


You can open gzdoom.pk3 in SLumpEd (as seen here) or SLADE, create a small wad containing an empty MAPINFO lump, and copy the text over from doom2.txt.

There's a section in doom2.txt that is for NRFTL, and there's a comment that divides it from the above sections, so you can just copy that to your side wad.

There, you will need to write some text like this:


episode level01
 name = "No Rest for the Living"
 key = "n"

//NRFTL Mapinfo below here.

Load that side wad if you only want to play NRFTL.

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