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[SOLVED] GZDoom builder can't load

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Initializing Tr1cklog...

Int 8th hooked

Reading files... Done | Corruptions - 0

Interpretating files... Done | Script errors - 0

Loading files... Done

Loading necessary code... Done

Scanning DOS version... Done | Ver 1.2

Running in appropiate mode...


Thank you for your patience. Tr1cklog start.


----------------------------------Tr1cklog begin-----------------------------------------

Hi everyone.

So, there's a bug that prevents me from loading GZDoom Builder, which is probably

because of a missing file.


Edit: Ignore this, I just had to download the DirectX and the .net framework.

----------------------------------Tr1cklog end--------------------------------------------

Finding Tr1cklog/script/shutdown... Done

Reading shutdown files... Done | Corruptions - 0

Shutting down...


Edited by Tr1ck5ter

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