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TNT Duel wad -All 32 TNT maps rebalanced for duel!by RafaelB

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TNT Duel v 1.1

UPDATED download
created by RafaelB 
contact author: 
_RafaelB_ or RafaelB in ZDaemoN, or channel #original in zdirc 

watch iwad duels and new nightmare! demos in RafaelB's youtube channel 

See all changes in video (TNT Duel release video in english):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDg0W0wfJVk 

This wad is a 32 map pack of all original TNT levels remastered. 
Created to play in altdeath mode! Maps were done to item controlling. 
Altdeath = DM 2.0, when all itens respawn and weapons stay is disabled. 
The objective of this wad is show to all people that original maps are cool. 
Because they were balanced in this wad and scrapped bad original parts. 
All megashperes were replaced by supercharges,because mega is unbalanced. 

If you dont want to play with invul/invisible, use dont spawn mega powerups DMFlag. 
But there's no reason for it, because invul rests for 30 secs and is detectable. 
Just shoot hitscan and you can see puffs and not blood in the player. 
Also, it will not scream.If you die, just wait opponent's 30secs finishes. 
It's more easy dodge invul than bfg, because invul is only run or hide. 

Map changes(item locations please check the map): 
1.new chaingun in start point.deleted the spawn point,bfg,chain and rocket outside, that unbalance all. 
2.deleted the buttons/teleports area.changed dm spawn points to better ways. 
3.added rocket in exit door. 
4.scrapped teleport spawns,deleted all machine areas and shotgun second clone area.Added armors in exit and elevator. 
5.deleted caco circle area and forward.deleted the blue door area.deleted start confused area. 
6.deleted acids area and long hallways. 
7.reduced start area,reduced the wall that aim castle to prevent castle campers,reduced final acid area,scrapped green armor wall way and jail area. 
8.deleted all until ssg area.added important itens in slow elevators. 
9.scrapped the door that opens multiple doors and berserk secret.also in start one of two sides are now inacessible.green acid room deleted too. 
10.fixed the block walls that originally makes the map to olddeath.now all can go safe in all map, it doesnt block more. 
11.inverted all map.in original you can play only in confused boxes area,and now you cannot go in boxes, but play outside. 
12.deleted underground pipes,the exit area and the big area forward the boxes rocket. 
13.scrapped the green acid square area, now it's teleported to doors/elevators.also reduced the rocket area. 
14.maked only the start area playable.it's a arena. 
15.reduced the secret invisibility area. 
16.the map starts in green torches, and deleted the long elevator door.also in red door deleted the confused parts. 
17.deleted barrels area.rebalanced supercharges with doom2map1 plasma's technique. 
18.the invul forward area is not aviable now.also forward in the megaarmor original elevador, is blocked too.reduced final area. 
19.all boxes area scrapped. 
20.start area until circle green acid area is playable. 
21.only final open area is playable. 
22.deleted all long corridors.reduced green armor areas. 
23.reduced original shotgun spawns.deleted the down elevator areas. 
24.one more invisibility to balance. 
25.created a way to reach megaarmor room. 
26.plus one supercharge and megaarmor to balance. 
27.acid areas deleted,replaced by a running-technique to get BFG.closed all forward cyber door. 
28.down start holes were uploaded, the green walls-acid corridors were removed. 
29.aviable only final area to arena deathmatch. 
30.inverted all map.now you can go until megaarmor room.also start with confused voodoo doll room was removed. 
31.deleted dark hallways to mega area.fixed teleport and pyramid bug.deleted exit hole.reduced plasma and big skull area. 
32.aviable only final area to arena deathmatch. 

Please distribute!Make all people like original maps, that ID done to us!Now they are balanced and deleted bad areas, so call your friends and play it!Please comment about the rebalance of the maps,deleted areas,item placing etc thanks 

requires original tnt to run

Edited by RafaelB : wad updated

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