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(Private alphas in progress) Infernew, a Community Project

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My considerations for continuous are mostly forward thinking. The idea is that you should leave the level with maybe 20% more ammo than what you started with, and I balance that ammo around a player who isn't expected to use their fists (or pistol), kills everything they see, and doesn't try to set up infighting, mostly because that's the way I prefer to play but also because that should be roughly what the upper median for ammo consumption will be. Especially in a community project like this I can't do much about what a continuous player comes into the level with but I can try to make sure they don't enter the next level with a crazy arsenal. It's easier to be more liberal with shells & bullets as well because they don't have quite the same impact as having a stocked rocket launcher or BFG ready to go for the next map.


Making sure it's definitely possible from a pistol start is most important though.

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5 hours ago, jerrysheppy said:

On the whole pistol start balance conversation, my own personal philosophy is to make sure the player has enough, no matter what.  Doom monsters are fun to fight for many reasons that don't involve needing to start a spreadsheet on your second monitor to make sure you have enough ammo to burn through all the HP that are present in a level.  They're fun because of their attack patterns, the positioning of combat, and the time it takes to defeat them (during which more monsters, of course, are closing into position).  Figure that all out, set up all your cool shit, then give the player enough basic resources---stuff like shells, regular health pickups, green armor-- to take them on without it being frustrating (plus, of course, whatever more advanced pickups you intend).  


If the player came into your map with 200/200 and a plasma gun with 300 cells, so what?  You can't control that.  Hopefully your encounters will still be interesting on their own merits.  They should be.


Here's an example from how I've designed my own map.  Obviously I am still tuning the exact details in response to feedback, but note the general philosophy:


The player, almost before they need to kill any enemies in the map, is able to get the super shotgun and a box of shells.  Right near the start.  Boom.  Now I know that, no matter what, they have a weapon that is serviceable against literally any enemy in the game given enough ammo (...except an Icon of Sin, I guess).  As far as the ammo itself goes, they don't have an embarrassment of riches, but it will hopefully be a while before they need to be standing on a street corner with a cardboard sign asking passersby to spare a few shotgun shells.


If they already had an SSG and/or a bunch of shells, who cares?  Either way, now I know they have it and can place monsters appropriately.  (or, to look at it the other way around, I considered what enemies I might be putting them up against in my map before they got any other heavy weapons-- stuff like Barons, Cacodemons, etc.-- and decided they should have a super shotgun).


A little further on I hook them up with a berserk pack and some green armor.  Now they're set.  They're not living the high life or anything if they've pistol started, but neither will they (assuming the encounters ahead are properly balanced) end up dodging around with fourteen pistol bullets and a non-berserk fist trying to get Cacodemons and Lost Souls to infight so that they can progress a little further into the level and hope that adequate supplies will start to appear.  They're fine.  They're set.


Again, all these basic supplies are gratis.  I don't make the player have advanced foreknowledge or find secrets for these.  They will need a bit more effort to find later heavy weapons (the first plasma gun is secret, the second is nonsecret but out of the way, and the only BFG is secret.  Ditto for soul spheres) but the player has a certain baseline quality of life now, which means that I can focus on tweaking the difficulty, if needed, by giving them juicy monsters to fight.


That's my philosophy.


This, basically. It's also the philosophy I use. Give them some guns. If they need them, good. If they don't, I'm sure they will appreciate the extra ammo


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Posted (edited)

No memes this time :^)

I was asked to make a map for this so over the last couple days I've been putting together this Limbo "remake".

I'm not sure about the difficulty/ammo/health balance, gonna need someone else to test it to know.


Place of Torment: infernelm3.zip

Inspired by: Limbo

Build time: 3 days?

Music: E2M5

Coop support: Extra monsters and ammo.

DM Support: Starts only

No demo for the final version yet.





If this ends up encroaching on someones reserved slot feel free to not include it.


Edited by elmle : Forgot screenshot

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Posted (edited)

Here's my new map which will replace the one I previously posted in the megawad. This is v1.0 and there's plenty to tweak. I'll be working on it over the weekend and I'd appreciate any feedback or criticisms. The maps not very long and it's not overly difficult.


Woe: woe1.5

Most inspired by: E3M2 and E3M3

Build time: ~10 hours

Music: None yet but my mate is making a custom midi : )

Coop support: starts only

DM support: starts only

Description: Coming soon

Demo: No demo yet as map is unfinished





Edited by xvertigox : Updated to v1.5

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I got owned by the final Pinky. I thought a secret might have opened up but it was just him locking the exit door on me.

I had a bit of a rough time at the start and didn't get the rocket launcher until after killing both barons, but that was a nice short map.

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Posted (edited)

Alright, here's the awaited update for my map. Can't be bothered to copy-paste the template again so I'll just stick this zip into my main post too.


What's done:

- the outdoor area was darkened bc Hell

- coop and deathmatch support (especially deathmatch)

- added more light around red key door


UV-Speed packed with the map again, this time it's 1:18.



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Updated progress shot of my map in GZDoom Builder. Just finished up the layout, now to implement the rest of the gameplay.

mfg_infernew at 2018.07.13 13-50-03.980 [R3031].jpg

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I rather liked your map. I can see it had some Limbo and Slough to it in its construction, neither of which were maps I really liked, but you made it work.

Early on there were some strangely aligned textures that I tried to make clear.

The traps were nice, not too difficult, the only one that killed me was one that reminded me of Double Impact.

Bit of a shotgun grind, though, unfortunately. I would've preferred a couple more rockets than I had and/or a 'zerk (though those may have been in secrets).

The crusher hall was cool, and the red skull trap was nice, but the plasma rifle being available afterward seemed strange, since I had nothing to use it on t that point.


TL;DR: Solid map with a bit of a shotgun grind.




Nice map, little easy. I did see the Pandemonium and Slough in it, and it was, like NaZa's map, very id-ish, which I think is really good.

I personally think there could've been a bit more ceiling variation, and the slad walls need some aligning here and there, but those are minor issues.

The rock textures in the slough area could use a little aligning, too, but that's minor, as well.

Monsters were plentiful, but generally low-tier, so there wasn't very much resistance.

I actually played this twice, because I thought I was recording at first, when, in fact, I wasn't.

I forgot where the yellow skull was and did a little running around before remembering.

Just outside the yellow skull, there's a small missing texture I tried to make clear.

Also, at the end, the yellow door is set to D1 Door Open Wait Close instead of DR or Door Open Stay, so it's possible to get softlocked just outside the exit.


TL;DR: Nice map that would be good early on with a couple minor issues.

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Posted (edited)

I updated my map: drx-Sacrilegev3.zip

drx-Sacrilegev3b.zip - Improved red imp ambush further


It's mostly combat changes. There's a chaingun in the starting room now and the three teleport landings all have additional bullets. All of the monsters are now alerted immediately and on lower difficulties their numbers are significantly reduced. A couple other fights now have cleaner starts and will hopefully prevent players from unintentionally ending up right next to spawns. There's more ammo and health available across the map as well.

I also added even more imps and reworked some of the secrets.


I'd greatly appreciate it if the people who had issues with the combat could try this version out and let me know how it turned out. As well as everyone else, of course.


Demo: drx-Sacrilege-UVS.zip

This is the time to tell me that it ended up way too easy for UV and make me mess with the balance even more. There's two soulspheres, green armour, blue armour, an extra rocket launcher & a BFG hidden in secrets. It feels like a lot.

Edited by Darox

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Starting a new map, trying to aim for a more Inferno-y look



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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, Darox said:

I updated my map: drx-Sacrilegev3.zip


It's mostly combat changes. There's a chaingun in the starting room now and the three teleport landings all have additional bullets. All of the monsters are now alerted immediately and on lower difficulties their numbers are significantly reduced. A couple other fights now have cleaner starts and will hopefully prevent players from unintentionally ending up right next to spawns. There's more ammo and health available across the map as well.

I also added even more imps and reworked some of the secrets.


I'd greatly appreciate it if the people who had issues with the combat could try this version out and let me know how it turned out. As well as everyone else, of course.


My demo for this version, in which I engage fights by constantly holding down the fire button: drx-SacrilegeDemo03.zip

This is the time to tell me that it ended up way too easy for UV and make me mess with the balance even more. There's two soulspheres, green armour, blue armour, an extra rocket launcher & a BFG hidden in secrets. It feels like a lot.


Demo attached (hopefully a working one this time).


I decided to play on HMP since it was what made me ragequit on your very first build.  The beginning is now much better; I couldn't be an idiot but I didn't have to dance on needles either and was pretty well equipped to kill whatever I needed to kill at any point of the map.  Obviously I had the benefit of foreknowledge about the general order of tasks/opposition in the level, though this actually worked against me once when I didn't think to check for additional revenants, heh.  The ambush upon returning from the red key killed me even though I knew about it, though, because I wasn't ready for it to be an archvile specifically and by the time I started to react I was too far from cover and too surrounded by enemies to avoid getting oneshot.  I tend to think that if you're going to ambush the player with an archvile you should give them a fair shot at getting to cover, and a teleport trap like that one that instantly surrounds the player with enemies at close range is something that works against it.  But if I was equipped with playing-through levels of weaponry and health/armor, or was able to reload a quicksave, I probably wouldn't be so pissed off that I'd stop playing your map altogether.


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Posted (edited)

Big thanks to @Darox and @Aquila Chrysaetos for testing v1.0 of Woe. I've updated to v1.5 now taking into account your feedback as well as @bonnie's. I've tried to add more texture variety, height variety, increased difficulty a bit, rebalanced ammo, fixed texture alignment, fixed tutti frutti issues, made the outdoor area less cramped and slightly expanded the exit area.


I still have difficulties to implement but for the time being I want to make sure that most everything else is ok. Let me know if I've missed anything please!

Edited by xvertigox

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5 hours ago, jerrysheppy said:

The ambush upon returning from the red key killed me even though I knew about it, though, because I wasn't ready for it to be an archvile specifically and by the time I started to react I was too far from cover and too surrounded by enemies to avoid getting oneshot.  I tend to think that if you're going to ambush the player with an archvile you should give them a fair shot at getting to cover, and a teleport trap like that one that instantly surrounds the player with enemies at close range is something that works against it.



Okay, now it should be extra impossible to reach the switch altar before the ambush arrives and be surprised by an archvile appearing next to you.

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On 7/12/2018 at 1:29 AM, Darox said:

@jerrysheppy drx-Jerryr2FDA.zip

I played it again, and I like it a lot more. It wasn't really clear to me the first time that the spine area you reach after the keyswitch hallway is basically the hub for the map. With how the key switches are laid out it felt like they had a lot more importance than simply opening 1/3 of the exit each and the switches that open each of the key areas were all connected with a way back to it. Not being able to jump off those pillars or go back the to the key switches does a lot to make the path forward more obvious. The yellow key fight is also nicer when it's not broken into two chunks. I don't mind the slow auto-lifts in the red key area (I did die there to a caco, but that was more an issue with infinitely tall flying monsters than the lift) but I still don't like the giant one you first encounter. You don't seem to ever need to actually ride it unless you miss the plasma gun secret, but I still think a regular lift would be better there. I said before that the combats weren't exciting and while nothing was especially noteworthy* none of it was bad and this time round trying to push through the level quickly and not getting lost there was constant and enjoyable action. I don't think you should change the spectres in the fireblue maze to pinkies. I didn't mind a dark spectre maze, I just wish it was something less eyesearing than brightly lit fireblue against blackness.


* Except the double cyberdemons which I still don't like. At least it's not too hard to ignore them.


Finally got the chance to sit down and watch this.  I appreciate it, especially the fact that you restarted after dying once-- that's more patience than I typically have if I die deep into a level without having saved or being able to use saves.  Usually at that point I'll go do something else and come back to it later.  XD

Anyway, it looks like it played pretty well for the most part.  One thing I noticed is that you either didn't notice or didn't want to use the raised bridge to the teleporter after flipping the switch behind the red key door.  You went back to the white canyon area the long way, which ironically meant you had to wait for one of the slow automatic lifts and ended up taking a lot longer. :V  It seems like you were in super speedrun-mode at that point.  You also skipped the cyberdemons, which is valid.  Though I should say I'm thinking of making the invul a soul sphere instead, at least on HMP and up.  Or probably on all difficulty level if bonnie makes me remove the cyberdemons.


The first, tall slow lift, the one nearest the beginning, is on borrowed time at this point.  I will definitely do a release with it as a more normal lift, just to see how it plays.  I'm glad you're okay with the ones in the red key area, because those are staying. :P  I like them both as a way of slowing the player down for that one ambush, and just a thematic way of showing that the demons are making these bizarre machines involving moving geometry that don't need to serve any valid purpose.


And at one point in your demo (both runs) it seems that I managed to make a sleeping Imp akin to the famous sleeping sergeant of MAP02.  Huh.



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I added difficulties and multiplayer monsters/ammo to my map.


Also made a new demo because the old one will probably desync.



Any maps that need demos at the moment?

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Posted (edited)

This is now linked to version 2 3 4 5 of the map, as required by @bonnie.


This post has been updated with a link to the current version (which is version 3 4 5). You can also go to my September 26 post for more information about version 5.


Here is the first version of my map. I was having trouble adding the D1 textures to the wad file because Chocolate Doom was being finicky and didn't want to run. So, unfortunately, it's only been tested with GZDoom 3.2.5 and PrBoom and ZDoom 2.8.1. I used the Doom 1_infernew textures, but did not need to use the offset flats. I checked the map with Visplane Explorer and the map should be vanilla compatible.


Map Name: Pathways of the Tortured Dead (version 1) Pathways of the Tortured Dead (version 2) Pathways of the Tortured Dead (version 3) Pathways of the Tortured Dead (version 4) Pathways of the Tortured Dead (version 5)

Most Inspired By: Pandemonium and House of Pain

Build Time: 50 - 60 hours spread over 11 or 12 days

Music: "Deep into the Code" from E3M3

Co-op Support: Starts only

DM Support: Starts only

Description: The map is about the size of Pandemonium and has two areas that are optional (one more optional than the other, in my opinion) and several secrets. Some of the secrets are more obvious than others, but they're all at least hinted at. The map can be maxed (I checked with IDDQD and I ended up with 100%-99%-100%). See post from July 21 post for changes. See post from August 5 for changes. See post from August 14 for changes. See post from September 26 for changes.

Demo: <none at the moment>


Please let me know what you think. I plan to update any issues that anyone finds (or that I find) over the next few days and release version 2 in the next week or so.


The map is geared toward single player at the moment. If anyone has any suggestions for changes to make in support of co-op and deathmatch, please let me know.


Some screenshots (obviously, the sky is not the proper sky):


I'll add new screenshots.


Edited by Pegleg : New version.

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@xvertigox drx-woe15FDA.zip

I did a FDA in chocolate this time instead of my usual pr+. Those imps in the starting room are really hard to see behind the grates against the skull walls in vanilla res. One other thing I would suggest is maybe swapping the yellow and red keys. The yellow key is the one near the rocket launcher but the red key is the one that reveals the baron. I do like the added texture variation, and while the outside area is cramped I don't mind that sort of thing. I was able to blaze through it on my speedrun anyway.


Speaking of, I did a couple UV-speed demos for fun. drx-infernew-demos.zip

@xvertigox  Woe - :51

@NaZa  Sinner - :45 (You can skip the trigger line for the crushers, which is a shame but also saves you a lot of time)

Sacrilege - 1:10 (A whole 5 minutes faster than my typical runs)

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Posted (edited)

Whoops, I feared that would happen but I hoped it wouldn't. I guess I should attempt to make it a bit more foolproof. 

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Released a new version of my map. Thanks a lot for the comments and demos, @jerrysheppy and @sarge945!


 - the demon trap will no longer trigger the imp trap at the start.

 - I added some more supplies available earlier, including a super shotgun in the zombie house.

 - made the archvile show up outside instead of jumping out of the closet next to the player, which was a really good idea I didn't think of - thanks sarge945! This also keeps the switch from becoming visually unreachable, which stopped jerrysheppy from getting the plasma gun.

 - made the marble thing behind the yellow door glow, to make it more inviting to touch.

 - marked the soulsphere ledge as secret since it may not be obvious after all.

 - fixed a texture misalignment, and a newfound error in a secret no one found yet.

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I played through your level: pathtordelm.zip

Started recording a new demo every time I died(probably 10+ times) and this was the first time I survived it(I was going for a max but I didn't find one secret).

So, it looks good. Personally I'm not a fan of how it plays, feels very claustrophobic and you almost have to kill every monster in order to make any progress.


A bug: Is sector 265 supposed to be joined? Because the yellow key has no use if it is.


Some texture errors:

Linedef 832 the switch texture is halfway in the floor.

Linedef 1282 is upper and lower unpegged even though its a door so it looks weird when you open it.


Some flats that seem wrong:

Sector 140, 283, 290 and 482 have a marble ceiling.

Sector 153, 162 and 287 have the grey rocky(sand?) ceiling.

Sector 397, 379 and 440 have the red crackle ceiling.

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On 7/12/2018 at 4:08 AM, sarge945 said:

Here's my FDA of this version:




  • The map is a LOT less confusing now, you have done a good job making it easier to figure out where to go. I didn't really get lost, except for a few small times.
    • The blocker preventing access back to the coloured switches area and the MIDVINE blocking the lava room are especially good additions
  • However, I did get VERY confused at the end, and eventually gave up. You can see it in the demo
  • The teleporter that takes us to the Yellow key is missing some textures, so the FWATER flat bleeds
    • I also found a MIDVINE texture that is non-blocking, it's made pretty obvious in the demo
  • I was tripping over Chaingun ammo, but only just had enough Shotgun ammo. I would replace some of the Chaingun ammo boxes with Shells.
  • Overall felt very balanced. While there were some traps, there was also plenty of health
    • I playeed reasonably well, and there were HEAPS of healthkits, I had to leave a whole bunch behind. Either I had a particularly good run, or there were too many health kits.
  • Overall a VAST improvement over the old version, keep at it and it will be a really fantastic map.
  • The big lift near the 3 switches is SLOW!!!!! Almost to the point of being frustrating. Could you make it a regular lift instead?


Finally got to try and watch this demo.  Unfortunately it seems like I fucked up by making changes to my v2 file before thinking to save it as a v3, so your demo now desyncs :(  I suppose I could redownload my own file attachment to get the old version back, but if it won't hurt your feelings too badly, I probably won't bother.  Feel free to let me know anything specific that you think I should know from the demo specifically, such as what exactly confused you at the end.


A few notes on some of your written comments:


  • While (as I mentioned before) my philosophy is to make sure the player has decent supplies of basics like shells and bullets, that doesn't mean that it's a problem for the player to run short on, say, shells if they overrely on the weapons in question.  Do you think it was just a matter of you not using your other weapons (like the chaingun) enough?
  • I'm more likely to tune the health/damage interaction (at least on the higher skill levels) by adding more/harder monsters rather than reducing the amount of health.  With that in mind, is there anyplace that you can think of that you'd specifically suggest adding more monsters, or beefier monsters such as Barons?
    • This is something on which I'd welcome feedback from anyone who's played the map!
  • Since I couldn't watch the demo I'm not sure which MIDVINE you meant, but there is at least one place where a decorative MIDVINE is intentionally left passable.  I view MIDVINE as a texture that can plausibly be blocking or not, since sometimes you can push through hanging vines and other times they're too dense/tough.
  • As mentioned, my next version will try changing that first big lift since it seems almost universally clamored-for.

Thank you once again for playing the new version and for recording a demo, I hope you don't feel like your efforts went unappreciated!

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Just checked in on bonnie's list in the OP and realized that we have fifteen maps in some degree of finished playability (sixteen if you count both of xvertigo's).  And that's just the ones that bonnie had caught up on, so there might be more.


That's already enough for a pretty cool map pack, right there!

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I aim to release a version by Friday. Here are some more shots:




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Posted (edited)

This is another map I made, it doesn't replace my other map


Blood Cascade: bloodcascade.wad.zip

Inspired by: Slough of Despair

Music: E3M2 (same as above)

Build time: About 2 days

Coop: Starts only

DM: Implemented, but untested

Description: An infested ravine with a plentiful amount of damaging blood

Demo: n/a yet


Actual file has proper naming


Updated: added new coop and DM starts, made the optional yellow key area easier to see, added better rewards behind the yellow door




Edited by Garbage

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Phew finally i've managed to finish the map i was building, so i'm free to start my inferno map, i'll start my map soon. I tend to be a slow mapper but i'm gonna have some extra free time next week, so hopefully i'll be able to met the deadline. I'll share some progress as soon i have something

6 hours ago, HAK3180 said:

Here are some more shots:

Im getting some heavy slough of despair vibes on the first shot heh, nice job

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Posted (edited)


Updated(27/07/18): Ammo adjustment, tested in Chocolate Doom.


PentaDamned: Urthar_Pentadamned_V3.zip

Inspired by: Various bits of E3, notably Limbo.

Music: E3M7

Build time: About 2 weeks

Coop: Starts only

DM: Single Start

Description: Doom but with pentagons.

Demo (UV Max): Urth_Penta_V3.lmp


(P.S. There's a PNG in the zip file, which isn't used in the map, but I'd like to use if possible.)

Edited by Urthar

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That highlighted SP_HOT makes it look like colored lightning. Neat.

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Posted (edited)

I recorded some FDAs in PrBoom+ complevel 2 skill 3. InfernewFDA01.zip


Sinner v2

Overall it definitely feels like an Inferno map. Denial of armour and limited weapons is cool. However, lighting feels off and lacks constrast, exteriors such as Slough and Erebus were quite bright in the original, whereas this feels more like McGee's lighting in Doom2.



(Had to search around a bit, the link presently points to a post by Walter.)


A Pandemonium of rocket action. I was able to obtain the blue key, but the others eluded me, so player direction might be an issue. I'm glad there's a hidden berzerk pack in there, but a chainsaw and some scattered armour bonuses wouldn't hurt either. Overall the map wouldn't feel out of place in DTWID, but like some of those maps it might be a bit too big and convoluted for it's own good.


MFG38 Untitled v1

A bit of Slough, but not enough to satisfy. Overall, the map needs more ideas to make it interesting. Like Sinner, the lighting lacks contrast, and some hotspots to draw the eye would benefit the map.


Pathways of the Tortured Dead v1

Could this be anymore Infernal?  The diffculty might be straying into E4 terrority, and I'd be tempted to place a chainsaw at the start since the berzerk pack is hidden, but this is awesome stuff.


Swamps of the obscured presence

Another great map that nails the Inferno style. Might benefit from a more liberal scattering of armour shards near the beginning to offset the shotgun guys. The only thing that jarred, was the instant pop-up which feels more PWAD than E3. I think a lowering wall reveal would work better for that sort of thing.


In Awe

This feels more Hunted than Dis. Personnally I would try to offset that by referencing the visual style and lighting of Unholy Cathedral, and perhaps even go so far as to incorporate E3M5's teleports into the maze. Overall, I don't think there's anything wrong with the map as such, but it doesn't feel quite right.



Who would have though Slough of Despair would be so popular? Glad to see someone riffing on Pandemonium as well though. I think for this sort of knock-around-map, you should just give the player a green armor at the start and let them go nuts, it's more fun that way. Couldn't find the yellow key, so that's an issue that probably needs looking at, otherwise a nice slice of run-and-gun.


Sacrilege v3b

This is good map, but it feels more like an modern hell map, rather than Inferno. (I'm not sure if there's anything wrong with that as such, since my own map probably strays as well.) Personnally, I would be tempted to replace some of the small detailing with bolder stokes and simplify the exterior area to make it feel more enclosed by deleting some of the distance cliffs.



Yep, cool map that definitely feels Infernal. Not much to say since it seems to get everything right. Could tweak the lighting a bit perhaps, to make the lava look hotter.


Well that's enough of my questionable commentary for now, I'll record the second half of the maps later.


(Edit: All but one of these maps were recorded with d1gfxd2.wad rather than d1gfxd2_infernew.wad. Not sure how much of a difference that will make, but I'll record all further demos with d1gfxd2_infernew.wad)

Edited by Urthar

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