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How do I make my own textures?

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So I am currently making a map, but there are textures that I need for the map, and they are exclusive to the first Doom, but my map's IWAD is Doom II. How do I make my own textures for a PWAD? Also how do I make it that Doom Builder can recognize them?

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First: Doom I textures


Personally, I use SLADE 3/GIMP when attempting to make Doom textures. SLADE is excellent for putting patches together to create new textures, something I first did with DeePsea ages ago. Of course, most modern-era textures eschew patches as they're simply not needed, but "remixing" the original textures can be quite fun. For full-on custom textures/patches, the GIMP allows you to import a palette (DOOM's, for example) and create new textures by hand. This is hard work, even more so if you have the artistic ability of a salted slug like myself.


Oh, and in case you meant "How to I put my new textures into a PWAD?" SLADE happens to do that bit as well. Handy program, that one.


As for Doom Builder...



I got nuthin'.

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doombuilder will recognize them if you import them correctly.


in SLADE, look at the top toolbar for an option to set a base resource archive, and set it to doom2.wad (not doom 1).

then create P_START and P_END markers by creating new entries (using the top toolbar) and place all your individual desired textures (such as from the doom 1 texture pack) in between said markers.


next, select all your custom textures and right click them and go graphics->add to pnames. create a new import resource archive and select import from base. then reselect the textures and right click and do graphics->add to texturex. save your wad. all done c:


i'm not at my computer so i had to recite that from memory, but i believe that was correct. remember to only add the new textures.

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