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Stranglehold - A Boom-compatible Doom 2 level replacement (now on /idgames!)

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Tried your map, it was fun semi old-school oriented, solid low-key SG/CG action plus chainsaw usage for some of us, then SSG and RL/PR if found asap. The RL trap is my highlight, as obvious as it looked like yet I didn't expect those pinkies :P. A few things:


- These dudes can't fit together in the same space.

- The sergeant sitting on the chair was funny to see, only he's stuck there and can't do anything.

- The switch behind the RK door can be used only once.

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I like the changes since you showed it to me first. The secret with 12 health bonuses should be buffed at least a bit. If you want to avoid any big changes, I'd say that adding a few more 'assorted party favors' -- a dozen armor bonuses, a few ammo clips, a couple shell magazines -- would make it satisfying enough. A backpack can be more easily justified now that it's a standalone. (Edit: The same can be said of the early 7HP secret as well.) 


The difficulty of the map probably peaks in the BK trap. The rocket launcher trap is quite lenient with the timing of the pinky wall, allowing the player to simply leave the room. Probably best to make it happen sooner. The last skirmish with only two revenants is somewhat anticlimactic. I was hoping for something to use my surplus rockets and cells on. 


Anyway, a nice warm-up for today's playing. Here is a playthrough that looks around for all secrets.




Bonus: I didn't expect this fight to end this way. 





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3 hours ago, galileo31dos01 said:

- The switch behind the RK door can be used only once.


That is intended, as all that switch does is lower the bars that are blocking access to the lift!

I'm glad you caught the mancubus/imp bug though because I could've sworn I had those imps set to easy only :P

Fixed all the glaring bugs and switched some of the encounters around! No sweeping changes c:

Edited by Sparktimus

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I was surprised by how empty this map is. I think the low monster count made many fights a little underwhelming. And it looks like you made too many small rooms and then didn't quite know how to achieve dynamic gameplay in them. I recommend experimenting with larger areas. Anyway, the level is well made technically and there are some nice views (love the shadows in darker spots), so I enjoyed it. Fitting music choice too.



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