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Alright, if anyone of you are the smart types who figure out how to work the system please try to give me some advice.

It's known that sometimes, when you send a letter to a big important person in a company asking for a free product, sometimes you get it. After all, it's no loss to them, especially when you give them a good reason to support you (say "I can see you products as being the future of swiss cheese production" and make them feel flattered).
So I thought that instead of trying to buy the rediculously(sp is wrong)) priced HP Jornada 720 palmtop, maybe I'd find someone big and important and write them a letter. Here's the trick though. How do I go about finding someone big and important? It's hard to work the system when you don't no where to start. If anyone has any ideas on how to find the big guys in HP, even names, let me know.

(this thread is not as rediculous (there you go again) as you people think, so I don't want any flames)

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A friend of mine got a hardware board that does embedded Java stuff by writing to a company and telling them he was a poor student. I doubt you'd be able to get something like a palmtop though. It probably works better for getting industrial type stuff than for commercial stuff.

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