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Hello DoomWorld! I'm back again with another question.


I was wondering how I can change my map's name so it's not "Entryway". I am using the latest version of Slade and the source port I am using is GZDoom. I read online that you have to add a "lump" called MAPINFO, but I need someone to elaborate what a lump is and how to add it. (I just started using Slade today so I'm a newbie to it lol) Thanks!

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First, lump definition: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Lump


There should be a tab like "lump" at the top task bar. You can click on that (or edit, it's been a while since I've been able to use SLADE), and select "new lump".

This will add an empty lump to your wad file.

You rename that lump to MAPINFO and you begin editing it as a text file.


This question's been answered a hundred times, so I'll just provide the link to the ZDoom wiki.


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In Slade's Archive menu, go to New, and select New Entry. Name the entry MAPINFO, click on it, and then click View As Text. In the Text Language drop-down menu that appears, select ZDoom Mapinfo. Here is ZDoom Wiki's MAPINFO page.

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