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MAP32 Secrets?

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I wanted to play through Freedoom to see what the status of the various maps are and was having a go at MAP32.  I can't find any way to get all 8 secrets.  I even opened the map up in a level editor to try and find all the secret sectors and I can only find 7 of them. What's the deal with this map?

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(Ignore this please: This sector is way too small to player get inside to tigger the secret count), Thanks for the report i'll send a fix to this thread soon.

Sectors 143, 146, 147 secrets is also useless.

also we have this too:image.png.facfffd144e19206719bd00278f97088.png

The marked sector is also secret and unreachable, in same time the teleport is sending destination to multipler sectors, inside the marked room we have only a pillar so this teleport dont send the player there, since it's a secret and unreachable maybe this is the issue on secret count.

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On 7/2/2018 at 9:34 PM, Xindage said:

Thanks for the report i'll send a fix to this thread soon.

Well I was kind of doing that in the meantime. I did some edits to MAP32, removing the mentioned unreachable secrets and did some map tweaks with the difficulty and some unnecessary tags and lines. Guess I'll be doing a pull request.


Map download


Edit: Map fix is now merged with the current Freedoom repository. Should appear in the next autobuild.

Edited by GuyNamedErick : Update.

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