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MAP01 but it's a tight squeeze

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When optimization for lower end machines goes too far...


I made this in five minutes and managed to get a good laugh out of myself: crushedmap01.wad.zip


You can't 100% complete because the exit to the shotgun area is too tight to fit through.


MAP01 but it's:

Heavily compressed

Been put through a hydraulic press

Really small

Incredibly tiny

Nearly Unplayable

Built for speed runners

Not as storage oppressive

And many more!



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I'm rather glad you did this, since I've been mapping out Malebolge all day and this gave me something to chuckle at.


I was hoping I could glide through to the shotgun area, but I couldn't quite manage it.

I recorded a demo of my playthrough for you in Crispy Doom 5.2 on skill 4. Here it is.

If you need help playing that back, send me a PM.

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Actually I kind of like this idea, but you should probably make things work manually if you treat it seriously. For example, besides not being able to access the Shotgun secret, the Zombiemen in the Armor room are stuck.

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