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Xenomorph Base (a limit removing project from Doomer Boards)

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Interesting theme this time, love those gloomy textures. Hopefully I'll be able to play this soon.

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Almost de-lurked to jump in on this one. Good looking stuff. Doomer Boards has been putting out some killer projects in terms of quality, consistency, and polish—and at a pretty impressive pace.

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Fun stuff, you guys are killing it. Really liked this and Circle of Caina. However, there seem to be some issue with prboom+ in map 3, as the player noclips and doesn't affect enemies, projectiles or pickups. One can still take damage from melee attacks, and it's not possible to clip trough walls. It seems to work normally in gzdoom 3.3.1 though...

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Posted (edited)

My DBP marathon continues, and as with Circle of Caina, one map (map04 in this case) had an unfortunate oversight that I created a patch for. Long story short, a hidden (but not secret) radiation suit was inaccessible with vanilla compatibility. There was also an issue with the berserk secret that I couldn't work out how to fix, but that should be okay because it's still entirely possible to 100% the level without resorting to any weird tricks. There's a nearby spectre that somehow keeps the secret elevator from lowering, but after you get the blue key and it teleports away from that spot, it'll work as intended.


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