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Wadmodder RiderPùdu

Anyone Wanting To Fork DOSBox With A Few Modified Features

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With Apple's recent decision to kill off OpenGL & OpenCL in macOS Mojave's Current Previews, 32-bit apps will no longer be actively developed for macOS for any longer.


I would want to wonder whether anyone is willing to fork DOSBox by merging the features of the Main DOSBox (Including SVN Forks) With Some PC Emulation Software, Like PCem & 86Box.

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1 hour ago, Wadmodder RiderPùdu said:

BTW, Why Do Emulationists Hate x64/64-bit processors?!?!

They... don't?


The solution is already in the thread you linked on VOGONS. Use a 64-bit build, problem solved.

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Didn't Know That Was A Thing, But Dosbox.com On The Other Hand Is Likely Largely Inactive/Unmaintained. (The Last Know News Being From December 2013, And The Last Stable Non-SVN Release from May 2010 (0.74)).

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I'm questioning how your first post in this thread uses proper grammar while all your other posts here Suddenly Capitalize Every Word Immaturely.

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