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How can i use both Doom wads?


Hello, i recently started again with Doombuilder to try to make some new maps, i am a total noob in this, and what i wanted to do is to have all the elements, floor, ceilings, items, enemies, etc from both Doom 1 and 2 to use right from the start, so i loaded them both in Doom builder but i am not sure if its working, any advice? I think it is working actually but i am not sure because in "Doom.wad" says 428 elements and in "Doom2.wad" says 287 elements, but in "All" it says only 482 elements (This is when i double click on a wall actually, i have no idea if it is the same thing with enemies weapons etc) Thank you for your time.

I also have a question that i dont know if its deserves its own thread, but i want to make video games (i love telling stories and making music) and i was wondering if making Doom levels will teach me anything about level design? I believe it does!

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