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Doom: Hell on Earth 0.3

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The Nightmare - Part 3


Muffled voices and soft sounds slowly teased me back to awareness. Confused I sat upright in the bed that I turned out to be lying in. I was in a small room, or rather cell. The bed was the only piece of furniture in the tiny room. There was a heavy metal door, with only a small peek hole to look out of.

“Hey!” I shouted. “Lemme outta here!”

A pair of eyes appeared behind the peek hole in the door. They were brown with dark brown eyebrows above them. I noticed that a cut ran across the left eye – not very deep, or the eye would have been damaged, but deep enough to leave a scar. It was the eyes of a woman. The eyes seemed to radiate an immediate distrust toward me.

“Not so fast, boy” The woman snarled. “According to the name tag on your uniform you are soldier TX056, who according to our files was last heard of on Mars. We lost contact with Mars a few hours before the invasion started and we wanna know why the Hell you’re not on Mars any longer and what happened – on top of that we need to know if there’s a connection”

I scowled briefly. I was not in the mood to be interrogated.

“Listen up lady, I don’t know how bad the situation is, but I wanna get back out there and give these friggin’ critters a little payback – I’m not going to play your silly little twenty-questions games!”

The eyes of the woman remained indifferent. “Sorry, we can’t trust you” She replied coldly.
“Unbelievable!” I roared angrily. “And I thought we were on the same side! It doesn’t matter what happened on Mars if we don’t stop this invasion NOW, let me at ‘em dammit. Just tell me what happened and where they came from and then let me at ‘em!”
“Listen” She said quickly. “If you go out there now, you’ll end up dead just like thousands of other soldiers and we won’t know much more than we already do. I’ll tell you what I know and you’ll tell me what you know, ok?”

My eyes flickered a little, then I slowly nodded.
To my surprise, the door was opened and the woman came inside.

She was a medium sized woman in her early thirties but with a slim, yet muscular body. She was rather attractive, especially for a marine. Her hair was a standard, close military shave but was clearly dark brown. I could see that she had rank of Second Lieutenant.

She began talking as soon as the door was closed behind us. She introduced herself as Second Lieutenant Kaminsky, or “Crash” among her troops and then she began talking.

The invasion had started suddenly and unexpectedly five days ago – one day before I arrived. It began when a large building at the center of my own city collapsed without warning. The authorities were never given a chance to investigate because shortly thereafter, these monsters began appearing out of nowhere. They appeared at random, but mostly at central locations as if they knew exactly where to strike. Animals, old, sick, women and children alike were all slaughtered mercilessly and horribly.

And now I had shown up. I had slept for four days in this cell, while my fellow soldiers had been battling day and night.

Reports stated that these aliens showed up all over the world. The number of people killed increased by the minute. At first it seemed that the human military forces had a fair chance of killing the invaders off as we had the technological edge over these creatures, but then new waves came in and had continued to flood the Earth.

“No matter how many we kill, they keep coming” She finished with a sigh.
“And what about the source?” I asked impatiently. “Where’d they come from?”
“Unknown as of now” She replied emotionlessly like a computer.

I swore.

“Now you tell me what you know” She said indifferent to my violent reaction.
I briefly scowled at her. “First of all..” I began. “These uglies are demons from Hell itself – I’ve been there myself”.
“You’re definitely crazy!” She replied heftily with an angry expression on her face. I ignored her and began telling her what I knew.

She was quiet several minutes after I had ended my tale.
“Hard to believe” She said quietly with her head lowered, clearly lost in deep thought. “all right” she suddenly said, raising her head again. “I believe you aren’t familiar with the latest species or types of monsters out there, as some of them have only just emerged, so I’ll get you some of the latest data on our enemies” Then she got up and left the room. Without looking back, she told me that I would probably be sent out into the field soon.
What the Hell was I thinking? I thought to myself. of course she wouldn’t believe me – I shoulda told her a lie

An evil laughter suddenly filled my mind without warning.
Oh shit, this can’t be! They’re still in my mind, toying with me!


Helen “Crash” Kaminsky was once a typical girl, but she had become more reserved than she once was and it was as if a dark shadow hung over her face. And now, with all these aliens loose, her mood was as dark as ever.

Unpleasant pictures entered her mind as she walked down the dimly lit hallway on her way to the detention.

Helen Kaminsky’s father was a drunkard, who beat her mum and her too whenever he felt like it. The dad crossed the line one evening, while she was a 15-year old girl and attempted to rape her mother. That set off the spark inside Helen and she rushed to her mum’s aid and beat her dad up with a chair. After that she was never the same again.

She ended up signing up for the US Marine Corps – by then she already had a lot of hatred towards men in general, because she had experienced nothing good from them so far. She quickly proved herself to be a very good soldier and ended up with the rank of Captain. By then she had forgotten most of her hatred towards men, because she had had a few good male comrades and for a period she actually enjoyed a life with a few friends, but that would soon change.

One evening when she was on her way to her quarters, she met a Sergeant she had long disliked and whom she knew disliked her in turn. The man was arrogant, sadistic and selfish. He assaulted her, wanting to rape her. He hit her with several blows, before Helen gathered herself enough to resist, but when she did, it was in a weak moment of uncontrolled fury and she ended up breaking the man’s neck, killing him.

She ended up being sentenced for manslaughter, despite the clear evidence that she had been beaten herself. She was demoted and spent two years in prison, before new development in the case proved that she had killed in an act of self defense – it turned out that the trial against her had been full of trickery because she had a lot of enemies.
Since then, Helen lapsed back into the hatred she felt towards men in general. She soon rose in the ranks again, but soon became feared by most of her subordinates.


She was clearly uncomfortable with this man whom she had just interrogated. He seemed aggressive, mentally unstable and she knew that he was an elite soldier, which meant that he was extremely dangerous. But which unit he came from she didn’t know, yet she had a feeling that her superiors knew, but wouldn’t tell her. There was something strange about this guy she thought.

She went straight to her Captain’s office.


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