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Go With It [REV 2]

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                                                                                                G O  W I T H  I T


So what is Go With It? Basically, what happens if you take Plutonia, a bored person and a level editor... Pretty much this!


You need a copy of Final DooM, SPECIFICALLY, Plutonia.wad

This wad was tested through GZDooM 3.2.2 however, it should run it just about any sourceport (within reason) since nothing new has been added to the formula (aside from 1 new map, Map 32).

Also you may need to use Freelook. It's not enabled by default if you wish to run this through DOS. Also do bare in mind I TESTED it with freelook so if it seems impossible without, that may be why.




Thank you so much guys for the feedback on how I can improve this map. Sorry if it's still faulty, I'm still learning the "Slaughter map" mechanic so don't expect perfection. But as I said, Revision 2 is now here!








Download for Revision 2:




Download for the original:



Edited by DynamiteKaitorn : Released an update.

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Yeah, well, gonna be honest about it: There are numerous problems with this map, most of which revolve around monsters being stuck inside one another, turning them into mere walls of meat. Also the map broke for me when trying to play it in PrBoom+, and it literally caused both me and monsters to become "ghosts" (I could walk through closed doors and such, so could monsters). Not sure how this would have behaved in GZDoom, but I can say for sure that playing this with PrBoom+ equals asking for trouble.

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In prBoom+ cl9, the map is functional. 'Functional' (minus all the stuck monsters) is about the only good thing I can say about it, though. 


Obviously 'Go With It' aims for ludicrous excess like 'Go 2 It', which it's patterned after. But an important observation is that 'Go 2 It' is actually a fun and playable map in itself, even if you strip away the comedy angle. If 'Go With It' is actually trying to achieve that, it fails pretty catastrophically. Fights are entirely threshold camping against huge clots of HP, a tedium that climaxes at tasking the player to kill 15 cyberdemons with weapons no stronger than the plasma rifle. (Even with the invul, most cybs need to be dead to squeeze past to the YK.) A seasoned player will find hardly anything in this map threatening. This strikes me as what people who hate slaughtermaps think they are like. I'd suggest studying the genre more thoroughly if you want to make a decent one. (Which doesn't seem to be the intent, but I'll say so anyway.) 

If you want to salvage what you can of the map, place the BFG in the start room (or the secret stockpile adjoining it).

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> Why the essential weapons are in a secret... IMO, you should be able to beat the map without secrets, and secrets are used to make the map easier, if this makes sense;

> Too few cells to be fun to kill things in the map. For example, the outside area with the Quake symbol, I would say Hell Knight is a better choice than Baron.

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